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I like the exuberance of spring,

everything withered puts on new attire,

and writes letters to dandelions.

I like summer,

seized by the song of cicadas,

romantic flowers,

and my wet clothes,

going home with the drizzle.

I like the vines of autumn,


The world of rain

The world of,


dribs and drabs of,

transparent crystals,

no garnishing,

no colors,



Time is a mirror,

that reflects the rises and falls and turnovers in history,

time is a painting,

painted with the joy, anger and sorrow of the world,

time is a river,

with our youth flowing through,


Random thoughts

I know deeply,

that a leaf wants to stay green,

to not fall,

to stay on the branch,

a little longer,

i understand deeply,

that a grass,


The world i love

A whisk of morning breeze,

catkins fluttering,


a half-liter rising sun,

printed on the earth,

the world is just magical,

and everyone is able to appreciate,

this art.

this is the world i love,

soft as willow,

warm as the sun,


like this morning.


Frosty fragrance,

dark convergence,

swinging ripples,

the cyan sky,

like her eyes,

stringed music,

like flowing water,

tipsy attic,


a gentle moment,


familiar and obsolete,

merry airstream,

once windy,

difficult to look back,


old dreams,

can’t let go,

a floc of flower spike,

an alluring ray,

a curtain of quiet dream,

a volley of feathers,

looking back,

the breakpoint,

the eaves,

the swing,


at the end of the world.



blowing the manic city,

feelings ruffled,

the tumultuous tempests of the mortal world,

coming and going,

forgetting the feeling,

when the autumn wind grazes the lapel,

sitting on a rock,

listening to the din,

during the blank breathing,

the diminuendo of the lights,

shadow elongating,


and humble.

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