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One day

One day,
everything’s changed,
air filled with solemnness,
what’s heard,
only false flattery,
one day,
you’re gone,
taking away everything that once belonged to me,
what’s seen,
only empty memories,
one day,
you get used to these and those,
everything is repeating itself,
like a machine,
over and over,
what’s understood,
only a trace of,
the warmth of the sun.
one day,
both of us have changed,
secular and indifferent,
perhaps we will still remember,
things we confided to each other,
one day,
memories are yellowed,
what we can do,
only strolling in the evening,
perhaps we will then remember,
the dreams we had,
in the very beginning,
one day,
when even the words look pale,
everything wonderful,
is gone.

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