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Snow blooming

the world caked with honey

Christmas filled with auspiciousness

brightness of fireworks

is the beginning of happiness

shine of stars

is the comsummation of dreams

the ring of bells

is the outpout of


Ordinary afternoon

Leisure time

in the afternoon

on the balcony

a picture of enjoyment

the winter sun

shining indolently

coffee on the wooden table


sometimes loneliness is


and meditation is


in an ordinary afternoon.

Ordinary morning

A warm ordinary morning

an influx of inspiration

perfume of poetry

whiffing through the streets

through the sunny world

the wonderful fragments

the merriment

the colorfulness of life

like the rising sun


 and selflessly scattering


all over the earth.

This moment

Sunshine brings serenity

even the westerly

winds up it’s mania

the lake slowly dances

and sparkles

pebbles make drums

playing the music of early winter

this moment

the willow sways

the leaves like scissors

snipping sunlight

from the distance comes the laughter of lovers

this moment

ducklings circle around their mother

birds flock across the water

enjoying the warmth of the south

mothers strolling with children

holding hands

this moment

all lives cling to the daylight

I praise

all the warmth in the world

I praise

the temperature distributed by life

I praise

all the beauty

contentment and satisfaction

this moment.

Golden flames

Burning firewood

abounding golden warmth

plus a happy curtain

that covers the cold

cold land

that hides


and all insects of autumn

everywhere is

the invasion of winter

a cat hiding in a blanket

a pig underneath a haystack

good tidings in the air

turning into a string

of crimson flames.

Winter fog


walking dancing

dressed in white ethereal pajamas

between heaven and earth

all lies

distance and the clutter close to the heart

quietly concealed by a layer of

graceful haze


tipsy and heavy

a car

exploring the answer that lies ahead

and soon

all suspicion and sadness

will be dissipated together with

the morning fog

because the sun at 9 o’clock

is throwing off the veil

of the winter fog.

Quiet winter


dipped in autumn colors

the beginning of winter


showing off the fiery passion

of a watcher

the snow

lifiting up the last fallen leaf

to the sky

a leaf

an elegant cloud

some little-known delicate crushed beautiful things

in the wilderness

lighting up

the impassioned season

hardened dews

on the track

the sound of yellow leaves

studded with the voice of


the echo of

the whizzing wind.



coalescence of cold and warmth
separated by glasses and days
a world like fairy tale
brimming with vigor
like a dramatic scenery
a biological kingdom
everywhere is beautiful
like a wonderful cartoon
staged everyday
bringing infinite vitality
to the cold winter
the charm of reverie
to life.

The winter sky

The wind blowing
the lamp outside the window
the snow falling
on a page of a book
and frozen
an incomplete fairytale
little fawns foraging in the jungle
do they ever return home
the winter is
such a beautiful

yet sentimental

The winter winds

The winter wind

like a scrubbing brush

washing the landscape

snow enshrouding noises

mantling the sunny mood


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