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Rainy evening

The wind comes,

bringing pleasantness,

rain on my shirt,

telling me the message of the sky,

after the new rain,

the sunset is exceptionally showy,


Lighter time

Time elapsing,

youth fading,

tinted with decadence,

and withered yellow,

walking on the beach,

one step,

two steps,




the wanderer,

in the beginning,

rhymes and colors,

sailing into the south,

the magical emanation,

the heavy atmosphere,

of the dimness,

of the slender rain,

streaky moss,

the sound of bell,


a window of thoughts,

a farm of lotuses,

slim and graceful,

the wind blows,


a pond of ripples,

the sound of oar,

silvery laughter,


the perfume of water,

from afar,

rain and dews,

on a lotus,



bright moon,

dampening the rainy season,

recalling the times,

strayed into the depths,

of the lotuses,

a glance,

between you,

 and me.


Frosty fragrance,

dark convergence,

swinging ripples,

the cyan sky,

like her eyes,

stringed music,

like flowing water,

tipsy attic,


a gentle moment,


familiar and obsolete,

merry airstream,

once windy,

difficult to look back,


old dreams,

can’t let go,

a floc of flower spike,

an alluring ray,

a curtain of quiet dream,

a volley of feathers,

looking back,

the breakpoint,

the eaves,

the swing,


at the end of the world.

Long-lost memories

Vigorous singing,

long-lost memories,

wind swinging,

cloud secluded,

there’s a river here,

there’s also a bridge,

but there’s no,

riveting drama,

gripping acrobatics,

in fact,

it’s beautiful here,

blue pristine water,

verdant grass ,

a river of vitality,


the wind is too strong,

the clouds don’t return,

and summer won’t stay.

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