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A plate of bright-colored

stir-fried vegetables

to disperse the desolation

of winter

to render a touch of vitality

to comfort the earth

boiled yuba

exudes an alluring atmosphere

and wraps this sunset hut

in warm flavor

a bowl of delicious soup

made from raw herbs and dried mushrooms

is a feedback of ingenuity of the soul

streetlight installing

an expanse of starry sky

in the village

and folks are enjoying

the taste of simplicity

and conscientious bliss.


Eating no meat is pride

extravagance of lightness in a plate

it is the refinement of chi

no traps of rapacity

it is a walk in the misty rain

to view the beauty of veggies

seedlings of medicament

amongst the soup of greenery

pak choy and tofu are extraordinary

when cooked in the heavenly kitchen

a vegetarian is a gentleman

showing brilliance

in the mountain of dragons and cranes

beneath the moonlight

vegetarianism is longevity.


You stamp on the abattoir,

you eat clean vegetables,

and drink clear spring water,

they refine the wildness in humans,

they comfort your life,

let you embrace,

the harvest of the earth,

the clouds in the sky,

like a St. Bernard,



No meat in your dictionary,
you make nutritious vegan food,
they say you’re,
they say your’re,
a fussy eater,
that you’re,
a religious believer,
that you’re,
You gainsay silently,
you take pity on creatures butchered wantonly,
you sigh for thier fate,
you pray for them.
They say meat eaters are mightier,
vegetarians the disadvantaged,
does food change your personality,
or it’s your personality that determines your eating habit,
is it innate,
is it acquired,
is it faith,
is it losing weight?
i think vegetarians are good and kind,
and elegant,
try vegan,
i think its good,
it’s healthy,
it’s happy.

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