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The universe

The vast universe

with eyes can’t be seen

at all

there’s a small star

eager to cross

the distance of a million

light years

though it’s not as bright as the sun

romantic as Saturn

mysterious as a comet

round as the moon

there’s a photon

passing through time and space

passing by countless planets

wandering endlessly on a straight line

the vast universe

with hearbeat so strong and vigorous

there’s a poetic field


in its palm

the universe

with eyes cloaked in the night sky

shadow flapped by the sea

breath touched by mountains

name summoned in a dream

the vast universe

we have run in the thunderous rain

and prayed in a place where rocks fall

where glacier melts

where lava burns

and written it into our lives

and believed that its blood

will take us on a long

long journey.

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