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Standing at the heart

of a river

looking forward to a snowflake dawn

touching the cheek of reed

more awake than the breeze

the stars drifting

all over the sky

quelling the fear of falling asleep

the riverbank quiet as a cat

fireflies journey to another

bright spot

the lost corners

time has changed them

like paint

memory has shifted

their places

like wheels


Silent days

Silent days

silent like

footsteps of the season flowing outside

the window

grown accustomed to

silent time

a soft heart

folded into butterfly

perched in the depths

of years


an aftertaste


and silent.


Girl in sunset

Autumn wind brings

a different kind of freshness

shadow of a girl blends

into sunset

facing the direction

of the sunset

behind her are threads of warm

vestigial light

the mauve color of clouds

breathing in the lonely field

artless time

a string of footprints is poetry

time is quiet

the footprints disappear

into the sea

a girl

a landscape

in the arms of




Time is a song

Eevrytime the sun hugs the earth

everytime the moon kisses the earth

everytime the rain baptizes every thing

clouds of white sing and dance

quiet streams whisper softly

wind and horses stage an intense racing game

in the steppe

camels sail in the desert

rivers and dust rush to the slopes and ocean

the snow-capped plateau is a white scarf

on which the migratory birds move with great fanfare

herbs and grasses stunned

leaves swirl

melons drop

new lives born

strangers warm cold hearts

flame of love burns


in the long river of time

they are like pebbles

washed and polished

and echo far in the forest

of memory.

This old house

The sound of firecrackers

in the rain

reverberant and pure

this old house

looks the same as previous years

not much different

just a lot quieter

silence of time

uncompounded by any trace of sentiment


the water is too.

Time and mind


on the lamp



is the deepest waves


decrypting the light of sun

the most beautiful curve of rhythm

and color of music


on the pupil


the tip of pen

opens up the treasure of time

the tunnel of space

to find

the diamond of stars

to allay the question marks

suturing layers of shale

of text

and civilized symbols standing tall


in the river of life

we cogitate



on the unity of body and soul

the original meaning of life

we respect the greatness of life

while we walk on the river of civilization.


Time is a pair of scissors
that cuts the past
til we can hear no more
the howling of sorrow
time is a raging fire
that burns lovesickness
to ashes
a wonderful memory will finally
become just a trace
of air
time is the shadow in the dark
with a face can’t be seen
and its moving footsteps
can’t be followed.


Waning moon



ruptured clouds

like wild beasts


the blue sky

a myriad of wild flowers

blooming and paving


with gold

three old trees arranged

into a triangle

pointing to the lonely moon

a magical world

fantasy and dreamland

night opens its eyes

i carry a solitary lamp

set foot on this piece of golden land

in search of a childhood dream

clear radiance spilled on earth

a pair of wings is bestowed

on every thing

that distant place

is but the span of moon

and boundlessness.


Tick tock…

clocks are is in constant rotation

photos are turning yellow

children are growing up

day by day


bypassing foothills grasslands and ravines


blowing through spring summer autumn and winter


beginning to end

who can pull on the reins

who can escape the fair verification

tick tock…

the passage of time

has proven

you and me.


The clock on the wall


in a small space

a coat in the wardrobe

in a room


the clock awaiting


the room awaiting

its owner

the coat awaiting

bright light

the desk provoked dust

the photo hidden beneath

a layer of glass

quietly narrating

the passage of time

the mischievous wind sneaks in

throught the window


roomful of gray crystal

to fly.

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