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Desk fan

Round after round

it keeps running

driving out hotness

sending in coolness

this is its bounden duty

round after round

it keeps running


regardless of whether

the owner is awake or asleep

it keeps running

repeatedly drawing

the circular dream

of summer.




Thousands of green silk

whisking the water surface

a fish is awakened

swims next to the willow trees

sniffing the breath of summer

the wind suddenly blows

the fish startled

swimming to and fro

as if playing with the willow twigs

sharing the scenery

spending moments of beauty


Music of summer

Night is having a concert

the soft breeze reading the opening speech

stars are the light

the moon plays the role of a mirror

the frogs are the musicians

birds are dancing on stage

dogs and cats

cattle and sheep

in the audience enjoying the show

the brooks are singing soulfully

the song flows into dream

then the chicken invite dawn in

to be the judge

dawn claps its hands with excitement

and in the glow of the morning

the concert comes to an end


Green summer

The sun stays

in the sound of cicadas

a summer

a boy that loves insects

in the morning

running in the forest



birds flying overhead

streams flowing beneath the feet

ladybirds crawling in the gaps of grass

dew blooming with flowers

life is in the breeze

the sun immersed in the sea

fishes swimming slow

eyeing this stranger

a patch of green stretching ahead

throughout the summer

wandering in happiness.

Midsummer night

Black flame burning
a puppy with tongue hanging out
tasting bitter air
hourhand of midnight
a crow rushing to
the blue waters
silent waters
the pointer stops
at midnight in
the depth of
dead sea
igniting the poppies



the world suffused with,

sultry air,

senescent trees blazing,

in the sun,

cicadas crooning,

listless subfusc cazonet,

flies applauding,




I like the exuberance of spring,

everything withered puts on new attire,

and writes letters to dandelions.

I like summer,

seized by the song of cicadas,

romantic flowers,

and my wet clothes,

going home with the drizzle.

I like the vines of autumn,


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