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Soft shades of green

cold breaths of breeze

drive away every minute of

summer heat.



Virescent grass

dressed up in the hot summer


puts a colorful coat on the land

radiant flowers

golden corn

a blazing friendship.


Little road

Little road

light green

and lush

on both sides

trees and shrubs

summer sunshine

through the foliage

like the sprinkling

of a handful of golden petals

quiet road

little traffic

i happened to pass by

it’s love at first sight

from that day on

i often go back

and forth

when i’m happy

i sing to the trees

the birds

dear little road

thank you

for a lovely summer.



Summer wind


the wind blows

over the restlessness of the heart

sunlight spilling down like fire

the hot earth

is the passionate word

of summer

standing on the top of a hill

overlooking the surrounding wilderness

chasing a thread of breeze

calming the inner heat

the change of summer into autumn

the tacit knowledge of time and season

greetings of wind

is the unchanging footsteps

of the messenger.

Lotus leaf

Big lotus leaves

a handful of green colored umbrellas

unfurled invertedly in the water

become treasure salvers

catching morning dew

and raindrops

when the wind blows

they move their bodies

a steady stream of jewelry

comes rolling down into the pond

and the pond becomes

a holy place of fortune

giant lotus leaves

a safe haven for

fish, frogs, ducks, dragonflies

a shelter from the storm and sun

big-hearted lotus leaves

warm and welcoming

honest and noble

adored by everyone

you are undoubtedly

the most suitable

local ambassador.


Desk fan

Round after round

it keeps running

driving out hotness

sending in coolness

this is its bounden duty

round after round

it keeps running


regardless of whether

the owner is awake or asleep

it keeps running

repeatedly drawing

the circular dream

of summer.



Thousands of green silk

whisking the water surface

a fish is awakened

swims next to the willow trees

sniffing the breath of summer

the wind suddenly blows

the fish startled

swimming to and fro

as if playing with the willow twigs

sharing the scenery

spending moments of beauty


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