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Old record

An old record,

hiding in a corner,

no one’s heard of,

depressed or pretentious,

old instruments,

old gramophone are,



Buzz Lightyear

The sparkling skyline,
dream and determination,
a nameless martyr,
a monumental past,
time and the second hand,
like the unquiet heart,
the homeland of light,
across the sky.

Power of the soul

A heart,

how to be sincere,

thawing deep emotions and feelings,

a quiet morning,

a murmur in the ear,

still anxiously uneasy,


That time

Thinking of,

that time,

it stopped,

a feeling unspeakable,

always unspeakable,

a trace of warmth,


Beautiful Morning

The story of time,

one dark night is dead,

another day resurrected,

sparrows, thrushes, starlings,

and pigeons,

they start to sing,


Love story

After all,

there’s only one world,

preparing a mature summer for us,

continuing with the child’s game,

according to the adults’ rules,

don’t care about the man lying on the street,

don’t care about the ship running aground.


the sunshine that benefits the lovers,

paving the dark and weary night,

on the backs of the workers,

even on the path of a date,

there will be falling frost,

when the enemies’s eyes meet,

This is no longer a simple story,

in this story,

there’s me,

and there’s you,

and other people too.

Stories within a story

Old willow tree in the village,

an endless story,

a bare withe,

can no longer hide,

stories within a story,

the fallen poems,

scattered on the ground,

are put into the basket of memory,

by the hands of wind.

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