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Opening up,

a history,


boiling hot pages,

texts like snowflakes,


building up thick,

a time left behind,

in the terraced field of the past,


clutched in the palm,

imprinted in the heart,

stories and days engraved,

years repeating,

in the massive tome,

one story,

one theme,

colors of springtime,

in the garden,

can’t fence the episodes in,

stocked up,

in the barn,

of time,

that place,

it has too many wonderfulness,

stories planted with unbroken rain,

ground into,

splashing review,

the crop of past memories,

like a green-colored castle,


the ocean in the heart,

all meteorites,

are lurking,


into stars,

igniting the fire in a dream,

helping the stories,

up the stairs,

the flowing days are,

in the photos of memory,

tossing and turning,

the cool moonlight,

so pretty,

so pretty,

a handful of stars,

for you,

for me.

The Milky Way

Beneath the stars,

a wandering bottle,


melancholy between the eyebrows,

like blue waters,

deep blue seabed,

studded with,

a row of amnesia,

beneath the stars,


like endless thoughts.


Cold moon


dilapidating the moon,

haze in the night sky,

the innocent smile,

freezing the heartbeat,

in a flash,

an endless cry,

a cry for freedom,

the stillness of the night,

becomes uneasy,

for this reason,

it angers the strings of a cricket,

it stirs the black and white keys of the grass,

who is livening up,

the flashy summer,

and who is,

chilling the moon.

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