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Mood of midnight

The mood,
of midnight,
like the effulgent street lamps,
outside the window,
can’t tell which one’s the most shy,
can’t tell either,
which one’s the brightest,
the mood,

Pomegranate tree

If you carve your promise,

on a pomegranate tree,

the overhanging branches,

become significantly heavier,

lying under the tree,

the planetesimals,

lying amidst the foliage,

every tree is mine,

long as they exist,

love will never forget me,

the pomegranates are ripe,

this impressive burst,

every aril is glinting,


your name.

Imaginary Fantasy

A legend has no color,

the river of dreams,

in the midsummer starlight,

Silently dripping,

imaginary fantasy,

no raft,

no waves of grass,

no secluded distances,

only hope,


in the silence,

when eyes are closed,



and lasting,

a quiet miracle,

a blue river,

the river of dreams,

like a rope,

in the space of imagination,

spreading ,

enchanting rhythms,

a dawn full of flowers,


and imagination.

Sleepless stars


dropped a silver coin,

constellations migrating mysteriously,

the shadow of the moon,


the flow of the river in the sky,

your last remarks,

long ago,

reminds me,

of a navy blue hat,

flying in the wind at midnight,

how beautiful,

how peaceful,

walking on the outskirts of the ocean,

in the dreams of the forest,

someone’s whispering,


it’s the two sleepless stars.

Sense of presence

A nightmare smashes the quiet night,

in here you’re always losing,

maybe life is more valuable,

waking up,

a splitting headache,

feelings are vague,

a systemic fever,

at this moment,

an ordinary wet towel brings you a sense of awareness,


looking out through the casement,

starry night with the luster of a gem,

feeling like a diminutive dirt on the arched sky,

the night soon restores its tranquility,

like awaiting the next shooting star to paddle across the sky,

you’re glad,

you still exist.

Just like that,

listening sensously to a descant,

reading quietly an article,

tactual wind blowing past the ears and humming slightly,

in here,

no need for rhetoric,

just simple phraseology,

common words,

a dialogue with the heart,

admonishing ourselves,

impossible to misunderstand ,

to garble,

to be lost,



being alive,

is justifying their existence,



your family,

your clan,

your society…

they all need to.
Ideological battles,

always intense like the sound of waves,

perhaps fights like this makes you drenched in sweat,

the body gradually regains strength and feeling,

dawn has arrived,

there have been passersby walking in the streets,

perhaps life is like this.

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