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Rhythm of spring

Spring breeze

blowing through the streets

spring rain

slipping down colorful umbrellas

spring flowers

blossoming over the hills

cheerful birds flapping their wings


accompanying the clouds

free-flowing streams


chaperoning fishes

night sleeping away

only some happy frogs still singing

heart quieting down

only some memories still echoeing

in dream.


Opening up,

a history,


boiling hot pages,

texts like snowflakes,


building up thick,

a time left behind,

in the terraced field of the past,


clutched in the palm,

imprinted in the heart,

stories and days engraved,

years repeating,

in the massive tome,

one story,

one theme,

colors of springtime,

in the garden,

can’t fence the episodes in,

stocked up,

in the barn,

of time,

that place,

it has too many wonderfulness,

stories planted with unbroken rain,

ground into,

splashing review,

the crop of past memories,

like a green-colored castle,


the ocean in the heart,

all meteorites,

are lurking,


into stars,

igniting the fire in a dream,

helping the stories,

up the stairs,

the flowing days are,

in the photos of memory,

tossing and turning,

the cool moonlight,

so pretty,

so pretty,

a handful of stars,

for you,

for me.

When she looks at me

It’s a thread of spring breeze,

falling on my lake,

the crescent moon at the bottom,


the lake,

overflowing with light,

the whole world,

is springtime,

it’s a strand of sunlight,


the coast of,

my heart,

warmth surging,

fish swimming,


it’s a streak of lightning,

a momentary dizziness,

setting fire to,

the plains of,

my thoughts,

its the softest,

softest pool,

and pure,

like the deep blue sky,

once caved in,

it’s forever.






Light shirt cleansed by the spring breeze,
met in a time in March,
reunited in the beauty of May,
the smile in the eyes is flying,
touching the beating gentleness,
breathing in the residual scent of love,
memories in hover,

within the mind,

A touch of love

Light blue background,

unrestrained fantasy,

a touch of love,

a visit by inspiration,


some knowledge of,

the gentleness of the autumn,

wrapped in colorful seasons,

opening a flowery gift,

There are seeds of spring,

luxuriance of summer,

hues of autumn,

desolation of winter,

There is the joy of spring,

the passion of summer,

solemnity of autumn,

calmness of winter,

A touch of love,


a visit by inspiration.

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