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half hidden

half bright, half dark

i am

in the dark corner



i gently push it open

fall into a glaring hug

the world is strangely


houses neatly arranged

cars pass by

one by one

birds sing

in the sky far away

as if everything should be hushed


as if

everything never happened.




Give your life

some alone time

feel the power of silence

in solitude

turn off the phone

close your eyes

clear your mind

listen quietly

the heart beating

blood flowing


in the blue sky


the goal and course


with the tide


with the sea breeze

being alone

not just a spiritual and emotional experience

it is

a wonderful realm of life

life moves in solitude

spirit grows in solitude

mind changes in solitude

soul sublimates in solitude

thoughts shines in solitude

creativity sprouts

in solitude.




I want to keep

the world’s largest whale

as big as a house

a skyscraper

even a mountain

but i’m

just a little human

with just a small dish

i can’t nurture it



i want to put it in the deep ocean

that’s where its playground is

where it’ll get its freest spirit

sing and play in water

just like this whimsy

of mine.


Fell a forest

extract their lives

stir with

a thousand years of civilization

the result is purity

purer than snow

lighter than bird wings

a sheet of paper

limns the heart of its tree

primed with

the aroma of ink

becomes a small keel

cruises the ocean

of wisdom


bread to the hungry

bright light to explorers


voices of progress


the human soul


the tower of truth.


Mountains and water

Ancient trees


wild intoxicating flowers


this is the view

of the mountains

long shadows of rivers

with colored fishes

clearing the hearts of children

this is the view of water

mountains are the source of oxygen

natural enemy of carbon dioxide

a good biological world

while water is the mirror

of ecological civilization

mountains and water are good scenery

mountains and water are freshness

mountains and water are good mood

longevity and riches.

Beautiful love

I love the fields

arable green waves

scenery full of vigor

ocean of flowers

always make me feel infinitely

at ease

I love the mountain

love its strength

its mighty image

i can’t stop admiring

i love the river

a voice so soft and lucid won’t lie

a sound that refreshes and purifies

i love the skies

the flying clouds

the brilliant sun that warms the atria

the evermore affectionate silver moon

diamond-like stars that add to dreams

i long for love

you play and i sing

sharing views and values

from the same seasonal






Strolling in the rain

I especially like

this kind of weather

walking alone on the tree-lined road

in the drizzle

no noisy voices

no torrid sunlight

only birds

singing softly


whispering on the leaves

mood is peaceful

thoughts are flying in the air

but the weather is always unexpected

after a few thunder

drizzle turns into heavy rain

it doesn’t ruin my good mood

me in the rain

i feel

as if I’m back to childhood

my mind becomes


as a child’s.


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