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Look up

I look up at the sky

to read its vastness

and depth

the azure background

is the aesthetics

i dream to pursue

i look up to the sky

to chase

the sun’s glory

the red-hot feeling

i look up to the sky

to chase the sacredness

of the clouds

the spirit of innocence


i look up to the sky

to understand its calm and quiet

the sublime freedom

i look up to the sky

to feel its intrepidity

the fearless spirit

to drive out the darkness

and thunder.



Time is like a wisp of smoke

it goes from dense

to thin and then

as if it will be gone

in the next second

time is like a glass of juice

from thick

to weak

more to less

as if it will disappear

after another sip

time is like a book

from beginning

to end

as if it will be over

in the next page

time is like a movie

from long

to short and soon

it will be though in a glance

time can dilute everything

time can prove everything

change everything

heal everything

make you forget






A touch of green

ornaments the living environment

a good book

enriches the soul

the wind on the road

tranquilizes life


nurtures the simple customs


dignifies the society


is the refraction of the inner heart

is a scenery

creating a good spiritual ecology

broadens our life


beautifies the mood

positive motivation

forges a sunshiny

state of mind.


A pool of clear water

comes from the heavenly raindrops

from mysterious trickles

a pool of clear water

a mirror embedded amid mountains

has become the home of hills



the advocacy of nature

lauded by many

a pool of clear water

a godsend

of health.

One summer’s afternoon

One afternoon

while siesta-ers

are still napping

i hear the voice of the world

the roar of trucks on the road

a bird beckoning its lover

i sit quietly in the river of time

thinking of nothing

thinking not a thing

the sun

the moon

the stars

and even the universe

they are wandering in their respective track

i am too

in this afternoon

just sitting quietly

listening to the river of time

the flowing sound

thinking nothing

not a thing.


When a wandering boat

sails into the harbor

its face will show

expressions of joy

but it knows

this is not the terminus


just a place to refuel

a place that cheers on the boat

to go further in the future

a place of rest

a home away from home.



Original self

Some people

we brush by

and never meet again

along the road

of unlimited hope

the wind rises

makes things change

makes them more beautiful

may everything be

as beautiful as ever

may the soul of man

be simple and pure

and true to

the original self.


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