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Between heaven and earth,

a string of notes,

of winter,


a gelid silent music feast,


snowflakes descending,


the world is now wintry,

snow soundless,

everything falling,

into silence,

the icebound ship on the canal,

stunned birds on the wire,


hanging around.


A magical land

Snow is,

the pretty dress of the mountain,

water is the lover,

the wide,

wide horizon in the heart,

so clean,

without dust,

the green,


The call of tundra

Snow tangly,

a world of silence,

a voice calling,

a voice i seem to understand,

that’s the call of the ice,

the teachings of the wind,



An upright gargoyle,
hidden in moonlight,
wrapped in sunlight,
hilly wood is a lasting dream,
rivers are,
but flowing sadness,
weaving a boat with feathers,
a gaze carrying melting snow,
a mouth chewing fallen leaves,
rolling whitecaps,
like the sound of,
the evening drum,
the morning bell,
the distance,
on the tip of nose,
in confusion.

Wild is the wind

Look up mountain sheep,

the southerly blowing wild,

rended and wounded,

places in its path,

a face and tree-bark,

no difference,


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