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Old castle

The road is far,

can’t find any colorful birds,


the zone of alienation,

can’t touch the warmth of the rock,

mountains are silent,

a prayer in daylight,

grass is green,

breathing is good,

elves and wizards,


singing archaic song,


the underworld’s paradise,

clasping the hand of the sun,


into sleep,

darkness is,

brewing a trap,

only the beating flame is,

smiling at me.


Black and white film

Why do you get attached,

to the incursion of the night,

you who are far away,

in my dream,

in your smile,

after a flash,

across my eyes,

the pale florescent light in a certain space froze,

your lone shadow,

the bedside lamp,

you escaped the casket of light,

an eyeful of,






Cold moon


dilapidating the moon,

haze in the night sky,

the innocent smile,

freezing the heartbeat,

in a flash,

an endless cry,

a cry for freedom,

the stillness of the night,

becomes uneasy,

for this reason,

it angers the strings of a cricket,

it stirs the black and white keys of the grass,

who is livening up,

the flashy summer,

and who is,

chilling the moon.

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