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Color of the sky


devoured the quiet of the night,

early in the morning,

the hazy horizon,

cleaning up residual dreams,

an autumn leaf full of foggy thoughts,



Behind the leaden sky,
an azure dream,
deep in the sea,

of the mind,
a feeling can’t ever be forgotten,
no need for too much wind,
as far as the eyes can see,
the sky is fantasy,

A pioneer

The sun is the pendulum in heaven,

don’t know  how many years have gone by,

under the lofty sky,

exploring afar,

with mountains to escape,

leaving a line of shadows,

escaped from the prehistoric wilderness,

to the cloudlike land,

smiling indiffrently,

in the open wilderness,

the pioneer is tiny,

like a grain of sand,

waving a hoe in loneliness,

a pickaxe etched by sun and moon,

when’s the end,

where’s the end,

the horizon’s always teasing him,

in his dream.

Green autumn

Soundless wind blowing,

red river flowing,

in the clouds,

golden glow floating,

through the sky,

orange sun,

walking westward,

here the grass is still green,

babyish sun growing,

warmth rising,

undulating waves of grass,

awakened tides of the morning,

dancing butterflies and feathers,

just like the passionate colorful sails of summer,

the wonderful notes of the moon,

words of the nature,

sky is the composer,

in the pure autumn,

a flaming red dress,

a green bride

a blue sedan,

an excellent matchmaking,

by the nature.



Time lost,

does not return,

my childhood,

remains a memory,

at that time,

i was carefree,

and at that time,

the sky was always blue,

and hills,


Street light

Dark silk devouring the sky,

debris falling,

fish suspecting,

that it’s pollen falling,

pedestrians panicking,

raindrops rupturing,


road lighting,


in its territory,

insects combating,

the storm,


with wild chrysanthemums,

candlelight in the sky,


there’s a gust of wind,


the vast darkness,

lights of a rainy night,


and a beautiful halo,

and fireflies floating,

and a lost soul.


Some thoughts on life

A big towering tree on the mountaintop,

it has slowly grown up,

it seems to be still a young tree,

yet it contains a trace of vigorous hope.

A soaring eagle in the wide blue sky,

feathers and wings growing increasingly strong,

and it seems to be still a young eagle,

yet it is bursting through the clouds,

with passionate madness.

Grass on the roadside,

breaking through the soil quietly,

it seems to be a little scared,

yet the feeling is mixed with,

an indomitable force.

When she looks at me

It’s a thread of spring breeze,

falling on my lake,

the crescent moon at the bottom,


the lake,

overflowing with light,

the whole world,

is springtime,

it’s a strand of sunlight,


the coast of,

my heart,

warmth surging,

fish swimming,


it’s a streak of lightning,

a momentary dizziness,

setting fire to,

the plains of,

my thoughts,

its the softest,

softest pool,

and pure,

like the deep blue sky,

once caved in,

it’s forever.






You love nature the most,
body covered in dazzling green,
you love to fly,
and live free,
you love the luxurious fragrant grass,
you love even more,
the sweetness and lusciousness,
of the flowers,
you bid farewell to the setting sun,
usher in the lovely charming moon,
You don’t fight for fame and fortune,
you don’t blame your status and place,
you never feel inferior,
because you know the art of self-love,
A small grasshopper,
longing for a better future,
you don’t wait in silence,
you spread your wings,

and take flight.

Cold moon


dilapidating the moon,

haze in the night sky,

the innocent smile,

freezing the heartbeat,

in a flash,

an endless cry,

a cry for freedom,

the stillness of the night,

becomes uneasy,

for this reason,

it angers the strings of a cricket,

it stirs the black and white keys of the grass,

who is livening up,

the flashy summer,

and who is,

chilling the moon.

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