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In the rain

The world’s raining,
she’s holding an umbrella,
still the same umbrella,
words in the streets,
leaving only,
only waiting,
waiting alone.


warm sunshine,
a little room,
white curtains fluttering,
reflection of small yellow flowers,
in the glass window,
oh it’s summertime,
the yard’s full of flowers,
the sycamore tree blooming,

Good time

A tree-lined trail,
she’s in her long white dress,
serenity and fragrance,
the early morning light,
frolicking all around her,
from here,
to the other end,
she’s unhurried,
though time’s passing so quickly,

Holding you

You’re wearing a long blue dress,

sitting on grass,

in the shadow of this mountain,

quiet like a solitary lotus,

I’m helpless,

frozen in this ethereal scenery,

i hold you gently,

“Close your eyes,

i smell the faint fragrance of you hair,


The sea

Opening the window of June,

seashells of May,

still on the beach,

tides passing,

invisible sadness,

of the walkers,

tapping on the window of July,

the walls have been covered,

with June’s vines,


When she looks at me

It’s a thread of spring breeze,

falling on my lake,

the crescent moon at the bottom,


the lake,

overflowing with light,

the whole world,

is springtime,

it’s a strand of sunlight,


the coast of,

my heart,

warmth surging,

fish swimming,


it’s a streak of lightning,

a momentary dizziness,

setting fire to,

the plains of,

my thoughts,

its the softest,

softest pool,

and pure,

like the deep blue sky,

once caved in,

it’s forever.





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