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i see flowers,

opening up the old diary,

the language of it,

no longer fresh,


memories of the past,

looking back,

at every tree,

thoughts and longings galore,

branches and leaves,

always related to the seasons,


day or night,

a cup of tea,

a deep breath,

tasting the day,


and yet,

still so sweet.

A touch of love

Light blue background,

unrestrained fantasy,

a touch of love,

a visit by inspiration,


some knowledge of,

the gentleness of the autumn,

wrapped in colorful seasons,

opening a flowery gift,

There are seeds of spring,

luxuriance of summer,

hues of autumn,

desolation of winter,

There is the joy of spring,

the passion of summer,

solemnity of autumn,

calmness of winter,

A touch of love,


a visit by inspiration.

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