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First prize

and compliment

a piece of golden

fallen leaf

softly drifting

into the dainty domicile

over time

autumn will climb

up these chalky walls.



Soft shades of green

cold breaths of breeze

drive away every minute of

summer heat.

Wheat field

Holding memories firm

in the left hand

standing with me

the warm wheat field

on the remote wild green edge

crowd of rain clouds

with a hot sun painted

in the heart

line of hope

cuts a trembling arm

mutter of pigeons

scattered around the wheat field


teaches me to respect

and sing

for the growers.



Virescent grass

dressed up in the hot summer


puts a colorful coat on the land

radiant flowers

golden corn

a blazing friendship.


Summer wind

Summer wind

a hint of green turf

a touch of cycling time

bedecks every colored dream

standing under the stars

is you

like melodious symphony

it sounds so beautiful

when the wind blows

the plum blossom is your breath

when you smile

it’s the trace of a meteor

across the sky

silent but

it looks so beautiful.

In the garden


opens the door

the vegetable garden waking up

chives, cucumbers and beans

sprouts and seedings breaking

through the floor

a few sunflowers

they shake off yesterday’s thoughts

the earthy aroma

conveys joy and eacstasy

a rabbit touches bliss

with the sweet-scented branches

of tea olives

in the depths of fragrance

ducks and chicken

chasing each other

an elegant circle

of the kitchen garden

a half red half green


i spread the seeds

of freedom

let them be portentous

let them be languorous

the breeze

of the four seasons

picks up the fallen lyrics on the ground

a group of light clouds write down

high and low notes

the children sing

of the scintillating years

and the long lost fervor

of the soul.





April showers

Raindrops falling

splashing on the windowsill

silent flowers

like a lingering thought

as precious as oil

rain glides along the blood vessels

arrives in the core of life

many dreams stirred and fluttering

like imagination in the sky

the graceful flight of the swallows

cherry blossoms in the rain

extraordinarily echanting

new leaves reappear on the hillsides

on small elegantly veiled riverbank

i use the rain as ink

this tempting encounter

portrays my April as

the heartwarmingly ornate

appearance of spring.



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