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Just another morning

The early morning sun

a few words

pieced together

into casual poetry

give it to you

clean up the sleepiness

yesterday stays

on the desktop

a lonely plate

on the table

turn on the washing machine

throw in the clothes

still unawakened

pace to the kitchen

crack an egg

fry a golden sun

sit down by the window

color of autumn sqeezes in

listen to some music

enjoy this morning

that’s a little



In the evening

scenes of twilight

slow winds

walking on the concrete roads

scrolls of paintings

slide after slide

all come into view

hyaline skies

fiery sunset

long old bridge

clear reflection in the water

still a beautiful sky

so beautiful

so real

so close

so is everything

in nature.

Autumn rain

In the air after the rain

it’s filled with a hint of

faint fragrance

grass, leaves and soil

are perfumed

beautiful mood starts spreading

around this environment

at this time in my eyes

what i see is beautiful

i see

sparkling water surfaces

light thin clouds

i see

the distance is near

i see

hope in front of me

at this time

i feel

warmth in my heart

exhortation from childhood

whisper of lover in my ear

light flashing in the night

tepid currents

in the wilderness

and the glebe

of my heart.





Love letter

You are

the moon of the west

sun of the east

unlimited playback

in memory

brilliant starlight

in the fireworks

you are still

the glory

on the boundless cliff


inside of time.


The mountain village

in deep autumn

ignites a bonfire

loneliness of dead leaves

the mountain so thin

cold autumn moon

at the other end

listens to the song

of the flowing time

a nightingale swept across the fields

over the branches of old tree

at the entrance view

between heaven and earth

a searing light

penetrates endless night

warming and illuminating

you and me.

Old leaf

When you are old

and the color fades

and youth’s escaped

become memory

when you are old

and not pampered anymore

will you still remember

the time bygone


shriveling in a corner

drfiting with the wind

towards the clouds

and stars no longer blink

time stands still

the cycle of the seasons

then repeats

still graceful you

warmth no longer exists

only wrinkles that accompany

when the wheel of time

slowly runs over the scar

the scar will have been rebuilt

slightly modified

and it will still be

a beautiful



no longer flies


no longer pass

what you have

just admiration of youth’s

endless glory

your heroic shell

meets the sun

quiet and worry-free

your spirit and soul

you are my red leaf

i will remember constantly

give a toast to nostalgia

when you are old.




Standing on a hill


on a hill

overlooking a cluster

of emerald fields

and ridges

little river at the foot


like a platinum ring.





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