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Scent of autumn

Autumn in September

harvest is expected

the sky in September

high and bright

the earth put on a colorful suit

like a touch of sunset

autumn in September

fragrance of grains

floating in the air

the field in September

sprinkled with gold

autumn wind playing the music of harvest

in good golden season

farmers embracing time with busyness

the windy scent of autumn

larks are singing

kissing the autumnal light

a kind of happiness flowing warmly

into the hearts of people.




Outside the car window

Outside the car window

rain falling lightly

mist shrouding lines of trees

anxious car horn

urging the pace of spring


in a forlorn

hot pot restaurant

the warm smile

of the waiter

warm as cherry blossom

in the rain.

The story of spring

When winter is slightly tired

spring quietly opens the floodgate

spring breeze rippling

spring water flooding

misty rain drifting

flowers smiling

waiting for the passionate bees and butterflies

to brew a pot of love

the willow is telling

a flowery story

the fragrance of canola flowers

permeating every corner of the filed

little yellowe flowers singing

a song of hope

the bees hum a love song

and fly to the garden of springtime

the butterflies flap their wings

and searching for a floral sea

songbirds cheering

sprinkling songs of happiness

along the way

the world is filled with songs

that praise the springtime

clouds are listening quietly

perusing the beautiful garden of spring

the story of spring.

Early spring

Early morning

the magpies open the door of dew

rest in the silence of the courtyard

lamps open their arms

and greet the early spring

cheese and candy piled up

into warm blessings

that overflow the whole house

time snuggled in arms

cats and dogs under the red-green wall

waiting for breakfast

a flowery affair begins

a dainty girl shakes hands with words

and words quietly pervade

and lastly she disappears

in endless reading.

Morning rain

The red fiery sun

slowly rising

from the vast horizon

passionately kissing


bluish green mountains

the affectionate earth

rejoicing in the gentleness sunshine

due to the mysterious induction



under the sun

above the earth

clouds thicken

and stockpile

great power

at last

clouds turn into silver rain

into crystal clear

liquid nectar

and pour forth

at a gallop

in a symphony

in complete rhapsody

the enamored earth

shivers and sings

in selfless dedication

having won the eternal comfort and happiness

the unlimited brightness and hope

then a great miracle appears

bright colors spout from

the glowing pool

of water.

Poetic spring

The new red sun

kisses the dormant river

sound of water and breeze

poured into ears

wandering bikes and kites

just like the flying dreams and happiness

of children

springtime woven by rain

washes away the old monotonous time

branches are moistened by raindrops

florets fumed by mist

a pair of swallows on the rafter

renovating their nest

golden bees, butterflies and blue birds

lurking in light

begin to compose a new song

for spring

bright elegant day spread out in poetry

illustrated with gods of grass and flowers

outside the window of green

soft drizzle refreshing the colors

of the season.


The morning breeze blowing

over the familiar mounds

stalks of grass

swaying the sounds

of hidden insects


longing for blue sky


wetting muds along the path

singing gently

flying slowly

unwittingly embedded into the poetry

of the season

subtle fragrance

of flowers and stars floating

shadow of moon whirling

mounds are sleeping

a wisp of smoke

depicting the peace of the village

a maple leaf

burning the ignorance of youth

a small stream

snaking through first love

an expanse of daylilies

sketching directions

sound of a flute

inspiring happiness of springtime

 and splendid sunrise

over the exciting emerald mounds

of time.

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