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Light blue

included in many books


that’s the most

beautiful part of a book


romantic tide

with classical tenderness

makes me crazy

and quiet

the whisper on the pillow

the sea

the blue wind

the cold salt water

the largest shells

joyful seagrass

wandering in life

a sweet flowing call

a love song about the sea

depicting a touch of blue

shimmering water lines

in a book.


Darkness envelops

the coast

the sea wind wakes up

a tired heart

a beam of light


as warm

as the sun

the smooth cornerstone


crystal clear luster

the lighthouse standing there

long as there’s darkness ahead

it will be there


guiding us

leading the way


the music of


Song of the sea

The seashore
a beach
is the cradle of the sea
clouds drifting
stars flashing
between heaven and earth
the giant sea
soft and strong
above the sea
there’s a squall
wind is the swing of sea
sea dancing
on the swing
a series of thrills
transmitted to the sky
the hands of sea
are the waves
waves are the language of the sea
stacks of waves
pouring out cries
of the heart
emptiness of the sea
is lightning
lightning is the eye
of the sea
darkness piercing
the empty clouds
the blue blue sky
with heavy rain
the will of the sea
is the reef
reef is the vow of the sea
despite the surging hurricane
the turning sky
the rock remains
the spirit of the sea
is the seagull
a seagull is the psalm of the sea
above the clouds
amidst the waves
the eternal romance
dream of the sea
is the sky
the sky is the love of the sea
miles of vastness
waves sailing far
climbing high
the end of the sea
is the mountain
the mountain is the source of the sea
the heart of the sea
is ordinariness
ordinariness is the clothes
of the sea
lightning and hurricane
volcano and lava
ordinary yet


a castle of foam
a beautiful rose garden
the seaside in July
lazy wind
butterflies humming
knitting the colors of dream
of the world
seaside in July
the sea breeze
the butterflies
and the clouds.

The sea

The sea is a valorous horse
neighing howling
the sea is a group of mountains
the sea is a boundless prairie
with grass tall and thin
domicile for the shepherd
and the sheep
the sea is a sturdy giant
carrying boats to the distance
towing ships back to the harbor
the sea is the hometown of human life and work
the battlefield of struggle and success
the space of the glory and brilliance.


Sky-blue longings,

sky-blue wait,

the mast of dream,

of hopes and expectations,


a new day,



Sand bewilders the eyes,

on the other side,

who’s by her side,

salty teardrops,

heart like waves,

on the shoreline,


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