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A magical land

Snow is,

the pretty dress of the mountain,

water is the lover,

the wide,

wide horizon in the heart,

so clean,

without dust,

the green,




looking out the window,

birds flying freely in the sky,

flowers in the morning breeze,

and grass growing,




Time lost,

does not return,

my childhood,

remains a memory,

at that time,

i was carefree,

and at that time,

the sky was always blue,

and hills,


An evening walk

I like to go for a walk,

in the evening,

along the river,

there seems to be a banquet,

a feast for the soul,

the sound of rushing river,

cleansing the earthly melancholy,


Finding edelweiss

Clad in white sweaters,

blooming on the Alps,

memories are your clever language,

and hysterical sweet words,

ears passing,

the dreamy Danube,

a magic flute,

like the distant,



eyes gazing,

at the black and white keys of,


a roundabout,

and tactful,

Le Nozze di Firago,

when thoughts are lodged,

in the faraway glacier,

and frozen,

in the Vienna State Opera,

many things are touched,

by a kind of innate inspiration,

this complex simplicity,

like the delicate charm,

in two centimeters of,

white petals.


An upright gargoyle,
hidden in moonlight,
wrapped in sunlight,
hilly wood is a lasting dream,
rivers are,
but flowing sadness,
weaving a boat with feathers,
a gaze carrying melting snow,
a mouth chewing fallen leaves,
rolling whitecaps,
like the sound of,
the evening drum,
the morning bell,
the distance,
on the tip of nose,
in confusion.


Crimson lights
like burning fire
the furnace
calcining the library
boiling heat transfer,
smelting the inky night,
the poetsmith,
painstaking efforts,
helping the combustion
linking the night
with the self
a poem
just like
the water-washed dawn
jumping out of
the heart of the river.

Long-lost memories

Vigorous singing,

long-lost memories,

wind swinging,

cloud secluded,

there’s a river here,

there’s also a bridge,

but there’s no,

riveting drama,

gripping acrobatics,

in fact,

it’s beautiful here,

blue pristine water,

verdant grass ,

a river of vitality,


the wind is too strong,

the clouds don’t return,

and summer won’t stay.

Imaginary Fantasy

A legend has no color,

the river of dreams,

in the midsummer starlight,

Silently dripping,

imaginary fantasy,

no raft,

no waves of grass,

no secluded distances,

only hope,


in the silence,

when eyes are closed,



and lasting,

a quiet miracle,

a blue river,

the river of dreams,

like a rope,

in the space of imagination,

spreading ,

enchanting rhythms,

a dawn full of flowers,


and imagination.


The dream of a child,

like a boat,

walking on a small river,


amidst the tiny ripples,

The dream of a teenager,

like a speedboat,

crossing the waves,



amidst the seaweeds,

The dream of a grownup,

Like a cruise ship,

sailing on the sea,

forging ahead,

amidst the billows,

The dream of an old man,

like an ancient route,


in the mist of time,


in memory.

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