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Night in a small town

Night in a small town


street lights illuminate

every asphalt road

neon lights are like stars twinkling

gamboling on the wall

night in a small town


cars, motorcycles, padestrians

every road is choked

the ballroom sensational

night in a small town


people wandering aimlessly

in the street

a dancer comes out of the bar

and vomits in the street

the odor of liquor fills her life

her night

in a small town.

Bright night

Birds drinking moonlight

falling asleep

in the cottage of wizard

the woods covered with haze

a quiet night

dream is bright

with starlight, fireflies and elves

a mosaic of dewdrop

sleepless elves awake

at the feet of dream

lovely tears in the forest

reflected in the silver mirror of moon

that severs all shadows

morning shall return

on the wings of birds.


Disheveled poet reads out

ten thousand winds

sounding bells

making the deaf madly sing

the view from a star

a small sail wandering

an apple smashing mountains and valley

the wine in the lake tonight

is the tears of fire

burning fragments of full moon with firewood.

A winter scene

Newfangled nest,

in a barren,

lackluster tree,

flakes of dark green leaves,


in the field,

the silenced stores,



The winds are,

crayons of different temperatures,


colorful drawings of the seasons,

spring is the germination of emerald green,

summer is a willow-shrouded coast,

autumn is the fall of many colors,

and winter is the graceful dance of snow.


Sand bewilders the eyes,

on the other side,

who’s by her side,

salty teardrops,

heart like waves,

on the shoreline,



Love the sun,

love the sky,

listening to the joy,

of birds in love,

receiving a letter,

from the distant clouds,


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