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Walking in a lonely

rainy alley

wind and rain falling blue

slowly walking

in narrow bluestone lane

so quiet and cold

tiles covered with moss

slabs drenched into ripples

inducing some glum thoughts

in this long alley in the rain

holding this umbrella

a decadent fence

not far away

daubed with cloves

I’m getting close

little flowers wave

like she in the drizzle

revealing faint fragrance


as the scent she radiates

i’m walking away

farther away

the umbrella waves back

coming out of this alley

as if she’s drawn a breath

so familiar behind me

i look back

she looks cool

in that school uniform

I watch her wave at me

I smile as she disappears


deep in the rainy alley

empty and lonely

I really left that rainy alley

with a flicker

of a smile

this time.




Autumn rain

In the air after the rain

it’s filled with a hint of

faint fragrance

grass, leaves and soil

are perfumed

beautiful mood starts spreading

around this environment

at this time in my eyes

what i see is beautiful

i see

sparkling water surfaces

light thin clouds

i see

the distance is near

i see

hope in front of me

at this time

i feel

warmth in my heart

exhortation from childhood

whisper of lover in my ear

light flashing in the night

tepid currents

in the wilderness

and the glebe

of my heart.





April showers

Raindrops falling

splashing on the windowsill

silent flowers

like a lingering thought

as precious as oil

rain glides along the blood vessels

arrives in the core of life

many dreams stirred and fluttering

like imagination in the sky

the graceful flight of the swallows

cherry blossoms in the rain

extraordinarily echanting

new leaves reappear on the hillsides

on small elegantly veiled riverbank

i use the rain as ink

this tempting encounter

portrays my April as

the heartwarmingly ornate

appearance of spring.



Sunny day after rain

I love the sunny day

after the rain

blue skies embellished

with some white clouds

the sun

is like a girl who just left the arbor

gently walking out

from that obscure corner

the diffident daylight

enshrouds my body

like a quilt in the winter

it warms my heart and spine

my nerves and mind

just fine.




Rain shower


in the shower of rain

memories like clothes

being washed

and restored

a large part of the heart

is emptied

hope begins

like a chain of mountains

no more withered flowers

and crying clouds

there’s a lucid forest

there are a million reasons

for the existence

of beauty

for giving a tree, a river

a sense of presence

and love.

In the small hours of a rainy morning

Wide awake

in wee small hours

the night is lenient

like ocean

clarity becomes unimportant

blurriness becomes profound

rain in the wee small hours

beating on the roof

splashes of tranquility

spread on the muddy ground

ripples of brisk breeze relays

singing of fish and water

message from a four-leaf clover

whispers of seabirds

familiar cries

of the surrounding verdure.

Strolling in the rain

I especially like

this kind of weather

walking alone on the tree-lined road

in the drizzle

no noisy voices

no torrid sunlight

only birds

singing softly


whispering on the leaves

mood is peaceful

thoughts are flying in the air

but the weather is always unexpected

after a few thunder

drizzle turns into heavy rain

it doesn’t ruin my good mood

me in the rain

i feel

as if I’m back to childhood

my mind becomes


as a child’s.

, // ,,/ ,.// ,/ ,// / /, // ,/, /, // ,/,
/, // ,/,_|_// ,/ ,, ,/, // ,/ /, //, /,/
 /, /,.-'   '-. ,// ////, // ,/,/, // ///
, ,/,/         \ // ,,///, // ,/,/, // ,
,/ , ^^^^^|^^^^^ ,// ///  /,,/,/, ///, //
 / //     |  O    , // ,/, //, ///, // ,/
,/ ,,     J\/|\_ |+'(` , |) ^ ||\|||\|/` |
 /,/         |   || ,)// |\/-\|| ||| |\] .
/ /,,       /|    . ,  ///, . /, // ,//, /
, / ejm     \ \    ). //, ,( ,/,/, // ,/,


A pool of clear water

comes from the heavenly raindrops

from mysterious trickles

a pool of clear water

a mirror embedded amid mountains

has become the home of hills



the advocacy of nature

lauded by many

a pool of clear water

a godsend

of health.


A heavy rain

cleanses the earth and skies

then all is fine

i lean on a railing

breezy with an eyeful of bright freshness

trees and crops on the vast plains

become dazzling green

clusters of woods surrounding a village


in the distane there’s an egret

it flies past the top of the hills suddenly

the stops at the foot


the egret is in love

with this beautiful environment

reveling in this stunning scenery.

After it rains

After rain

the window of a dull room is suddenly opened

every leaf is coated with a brilliant luster

the distant mountains

previously inked

now the trees and stones are vaguely visible

the dirt is spilled

into ponds and ditches

disembouged into uneven places

with pits and holes

grassy shrunken ponds

becomes muddy sediment.



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