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After it rains

After rain

the window of a dull room is suddenly opened

every leaf is coated with a brilliant luster

the distant mountains

previously inked

now the trees and stones are vaguely visible

the dirt is spilled

into ponds and ditches

disembouged into uneven places

with pits and holes

grassy shrunken ponds

becomes muddy sediment.




Under the eaves


like stars

soaring above the roof

clear dreams

walking through the song of rain

boundless sky

close enough to be grasped

dense and brimming

there’s a trace of warmth

under the eaves

a trace of comfort

the house is sweet as brown sugar

simplicity remains

not far away from dawn

not far away from tomorrow

everything’s in sight

the same piece of sky

waiting for the sun.


Cool rain



falling to the ground


blissful silence flowing

blending into a river

tiny and crystal clear symbols

pouring from the sky

droplets rolling on the ground

then rainbow

puts up a bridge

arched and colorful

hills and earth

mountains and rivers

forest and grassland

and distant villages

become clean


bright and cheerful

facing the world

with a new attitude.


Breezy rain


weaving a net

above the pond

swing and paper kite

retrieving fallen leaves and petals

rain silking

under the eaves

catching twigs and wild ducks.

Rain of poetry

Rain falling gently

outside the window

lines of poetry

exuding delicate fragrance

every word every line

is the outline of constellation

and the journey


Rainy afternoon

The afternoon rain

the sky is serene and faint

clouds are silent

this occurs in every hamlet wilderness and hill

ears are baptized by birdsong

the noise of the city outside the windowpane

turns into smoke

a kid’s sitting by the window quietly

all afternoon

he does nothing

he breathes quietly

it’s good.

Morning rain

The red fiery sun

slowly rising

from the vast horizon

passionately kissing


bluish green mountains

the affectionate earth

rejoicing in the gentleness sunshine

due to the mysterious induction



under the sun

above the earth

clouds thicken

and stockpile

great power

at last

clouds turn into silver rain

into crystal clear

liquid nectar

and pour forth

at a gallop

in a symphony

in complete rhapsody

the enamored earth

shivers and sings

in selfless dedication

having won the eternal comfort and happiness

the unlimited brightness and hope

then a great miracle appears

bright colors spout from

the glowing pool

of water.

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