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A plate of bright-colored

stir-fried vegetables

to disperse the desolation

of winter

to render a touch of vitality

to comfort the earth

boiled yuba

exudes an alluring atmosphere

and wraps this sunset hut

in warm flavor

a bowl of delicious soup

made from raw herbs and dried mushrooms

is a feedback of ingenuity of the soul

streetlight installing

an expanse of starry sky

in the village

and folks are enjoying

the taste of simplicity

and conscientious bliss.

The past

The past

like turning pages

flashing words

vivid storyline




everyone has



moments and events

whenever they come up

thoughts surge up

mind stirred up

the innocence

the passion

and now

less impetuous emotions

the past having

gained momentum from growth

most worthy of being




In the evening

scenes of twilight

slow winds

walking on the concrete roads

scrolls of paintings

slide after slide

all come into view

hyaline skies

fiery sunset

long old bridge

clear reflection in the water

still a beautiful sky

so beautiful

so real

so close

so is everything

in nature.



the sky is beautiful

cerulean and full of fleece

bright moonlight within

a cloud painting


the night is captivating

the wind calling

a beautiful fairy tale realm

what kind of holy ceremony is this

filmy starry honeyed

ultramarine tiles

the sky seems to be calling for

the arrival of some advanced lifeform

round halo of the moon

a wild horse roving

golden sparks turn into

delicate flowers in the woods

an agile dragon passing though

the muzzy mountains so peaceful

clusters of chrysanthemum blooming

releasing a frgrance so indistinct

in the wilderness

pairs of murmuring birds

climb above the silver branches

playing and playing


the night is waning

the distant lights intoxicating

all the devout and wet

dew leading the way

in this world of emotions

full of passion


yet tender

just like water.




Autumn rain

In the air after the rain

it’s filled with a hint of

faint fragrance

grass, leaves and soil

are perfumed

beautiful mood starts spreading

around this environment

at this time in my eyes

what i see is beautiful

i see

sparkling water surfaces

light thin clouds

i see

the distance is near

i see

hope in front of me

at this time

i feel

warmth in my heart

exhortation from childhood

whisper of lover in my ear

light flashing in the night

tepid currents

in the wilderness

and the glebe

of my heart.





Night and light

Walking through the avenues

of the city

accompanied by a bright night

wide flat road

stretching straight

toward the distant horizon

glitter envelops blue sky

glitter shrouds the night

over the campus

and overwhelms

every smile

countless vehicles


in the middle of the city

carrying a lot of waiting

lots of dream and fantasy

shortening the distance home

with the violence of motor

illumination in the city

scatters on the paths

dispels darkness around

wanderers and wayfarers

it insists on burning

til a brighter tomorrow.





The red fire in the sky

a burning ball

bathed in warm golden light

every cloud that burns

wears a red garment

there’s also a fire

in your kitchen

blue and sparkling flame

sweet and sour and sweet

sometimes a dancing willowy smoke

will float out

you planted in spring

that group of green furry fire

burning in the courtyard

looking at the northwest wind

october chrysanthemums open


also the fire that kindles

your heart

when evening comes

silently lights you up

the sacred night

in full bloom.


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