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Childhood is

the best time

with a group of friends

to share

we ran together

sang together

free as the wind

no bundles of trouble

no worries about the direction

of the future

everyday was play

no scruples

like a wild child

didn’t understand dream

didn’t fear nothing

that’s the happiest time

that’s childhood.



Clear skies

Drifting winds

fresh and warm

ungraspable temperature and humidity

drifting to the end of the world

i see page after page

of azure poetry

quietly floating

on clouds

every minute every second

is happiness

the air is full of

moist fragrance

there’s a trail to walk

to breathe in

this fragrance

places where rain has been

fresh and soft

the tender colored light on the horizon

is the same as the sunshine

in the heart.




At every moment

Every morning

the moment i open my eyes

i like to look up at a place where

the sun rises

because there is

the brightest hope

every night

before i go to bed

i like to look at the starry sky

because there is

a dream

the ageless time

every moment of warmth

is the sweet candy-like taste of memory

time is soft as ripple

engraved with lines of shining poetry

turning into blossoming clouds

imprinted on the heart of lake

turning into glittering seasonal sceneries

in the history

of life.


Quiet  blackboard

stretching dreams

quiet walls

connecting spectacles

quiet greenery

palming vitality

quiet campus

catching up with the times

 quiet is an eternal clause of civilization

 a ladder chiseled by seriousness and strictness

a fence welded by care and concern

i agree with it because silence is gold

and the fruit of silence is tranquility

The sun is quiet

in giving all things warmth

the sunset is quiet

and soft as silk

the dew is quiet

in nourishing vegetation

the earth is quiet

as a home to mankind

quiet is regretless giving

quiet is a tangible style

the alpine engraved with pattern of pine

is quiet

 the sea filled with magnificent waves

is quiet

quiet is soundless melody

soundless declaration

a stream turns from turbidity to clarity

in quiet

a fruit turns from sour to sweet

in quiet

a small fish jumps higher than a gantry

 in quiet

an eagle leaps over the snowy plains

in quiet

nature transfroms into wonders

in quiet

the world develops toward excellence

in quiet

quiet is a higher realm

a deeper meaning

Let’s experience quiet

let quiet become the most realistic view of life

let’s cross the puzzling canyon

in quiet

climb the mountain of self-confidence

in  quiet

ride the train of times

in quiet

reach the destination of hope

in quiet

let our thoughts travel the stars

in quiet

let us learn to feel


resolve all confusion in quiet

analyze the equation of youth

find the answer to life

outline the blueprint for the future

express the truth of poetry

let us be a quiet thinker

away from the hustle and bustle

abandon the emptiness

and aspire to wave

the flag of victory

and take

the crown of honors

in quiet.

Power of thinking

Thinking makes the wheels of the brain turn nonstop

thinking cuts off the thorns of problem

thinking enables people to play happily in an incredible world

thinking pulls the lost self back onto the right track

thinking is like sunshine giving people warmth and hope

thinking is like water flowing silently moistening the body and mind without asking anything in return

thinking lets exciting meteor fly across the sky

thinking lets horses gallop on the plains

thinking is the panacea that cures ignorance

thinking is the Bible of repentance that offers the sinner a salvation

thinking is the solid reliable ladder that facilitates people to climb to the peak of Science

thinking is the shining ticket that leads people into the palace of arts

thinking is the wonderful ups and downs of a song pleasant to the ears

thinking is a sumptuous feast of a thousand flavors and tastes to reward the stomach

thinking is the deep abyssal universe that accomodates hundreds of millions of nebula

thinking is the vast wide ocean composed of unnumerable droplets of water……


Picking the ups and downs

and highlights

of the waves

whimsically assembling

the bright light out of focus

turning dreams music dances paintings

into fishes

in the clear river

clear river of the sea

fishes that jump

on the waves of dream

a poem sculpts

the shapes outside of the words

the territory outside of the phrases

implication of heart

is always

the vastness of galaxy

charmingly flashing

a poem

ordinary language reshuffled

to reveal

the interior of things

to reflect

deep thoughts of the pupil

to dissect

the thinking of things

to plant

a pair of wings

that fly

on paper.

Ordinary morning

A warm ordinary morning

an influx of inspiration

perfume of poetry

whiffing through the streets

through the sunny world

the wonderful fragments

the merriment

the colorfulness of life

like the rising sun


 and selflessly scattering


all over the earth.

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