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When you’re


go read a book

and you’ll find

every sentence in

the book is

the way


when you’re


go take a walk

until the moment

you’re exhausted

at this moment

the place where

you most want to go

that is

the best





Dragonfly on the lake

ripples turn into thoughts

dancing shapes on the branches

wind blowing the horn

everything quietly

reminiscent of

bits and pieces of life

there’s no loneliness

in the depths of

the soul.


Relearn thyself

Tender green

in the beginning

matures in time

the deep, shallow, thick and light

catalogued on various layers and levels

filling the bookshelf

of spring

any kind of green

contains a detailed introduction

the origin, the survival, the development

of a species

including food, clothing, shelter, love and life

future and dreams

open your own title page in the spring

you’ll find some words old and lost

in a corner of time

some words have gone far

leaving their bodies behind

traveling out in the universe

some words gentle as a kitten

lying on the windowsill

of spring

watching flowers bloom and grow

some words wide awake

sleepless in the night

the chapter on love and life?

i flip through the pages

beyond recognition

the original soul

covered in earthly dust

on flying?

dream and reality contest

in the stormy skies

love interpreting a beautiful myth amidst

a messy life

i don’t really know myself anymore

the ache of every word

is enough to make my blood flow

into a river

words dead

buried in the soil of yesterday

words running

still on the road of life running

words now

have just been born inside the kernel


is an angel

conveying the power of spring

blood vessels swell

filled with hearty energy

words resurrected in thoughts

they blossom

into reddish peaches

whitish pears

and enthusiastic begonia

in the spring

i got to know myself again

life is a metabolic process

every new sunrise

is greeting from

a new beginning.



A night thought

The sun

locked in the drawer

the impetuous leaves

now calmed

the story

behind the moon

every bit every drop

rippling through the notebook

of the fleeting years

the recurring theme

on every page

happiness happiness happiness.

Kiss yesterday goodbye

When the sun rises from the east

the next day

when rooster roars again

it means that yesterday has become

a thing of the past

it has been written into the history

of our growth

success or failure

glory or fall

joy or sorrow

a new day should start from scratch

kiss yesterday goodbye

so that we are not blinded by immediate success

so that we are not overcome by whatever failure

not absorbed by glory

not defeated by sorrow

kiss yesterday goodbye

make a little more progress

climb a little higher up

the ladder of positivity

kiss yesterday goodbye

be the best we can be

in a brand new day.


I want to keep

the world’s largest whale

as big as a house

a skyscraper

even a mountain

but i’m

just a little human

with just a small dish

i can’t nurture it



i want to put it in the deep ocean

that’s where its playground is

where it’ll get its freest spirit

sing and play in water

just like this whimsy

of mine.


A heart

broad and calm

a pair of eyes

wise and clear

intend to feel the world

observe life

extract the spark of thoughts

a philosopher

summing up humanity

in the pursuit of

the light of truth.

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