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One summer’s afternoon

One afternoon

while siesta-ers

are still napping

i hear the voice of the world

the roar of trucks on the road

a bird beckoning its lover

i sit quietly in the river of time

thinking of nothing

thinking not a thing

the sun

the moon

the stars

and even the universe

they are wandering in their respective track

i am too

in this afternoon

just sitting quietly

listening to the river of time

the flowing sound

thinking nothing

not a thing.


Original self

Some people

we brush by

and never meet again

along the road

of unlimited hope

the wind rises

makes things change

makes them more beautiful

may everything be

as beautiful as ever

may the soul of man

be simple and pure

and true to

the original self.



Tranquility stems from the mind

the mind that determines

what kind of scenery there’ll be

in the heart

when the heart is tranquil

it can hear small subtle sounds

when the heart impatient

a distraught mood will arise

a tranquil heart

like still water

a tranquil person

will naturally have a good dream

every night.



Bonsai garden

various postures of roots, trunks and stones

understood only by strange minds

any visitor

can let the airship of their imagination


they are anything you say they are


they are just some trees, roots, grass, stones

within them hide

a powerful army

a variety of social phenomena

a whole new world.


If the heart is calm and warm

every flower and grass of the world

is a scenery

the past is wind

that becomes memory

living in the moment

in ordinary time

smelling the warm spring rain

watching padestrians

enjoying the quiet

the scenery that is our own


happiness is always

the way.



crystal clear

cultivates lives

benefits all thing and expects nothing

in return


kind and soft

soundlessly moistens a scenery

breeding a natural landscape


cleanses all things

has a cleansing instinct

to turn dirt into purity


all over the wilderness

with its benevolent conduct

doing good to all beings

be like water

with a mind of vale

the inner peace

and harmony

like a drop of water

let the heart shine

to refract the brilliant rays of sun

let it shine.





Rhapsody of the sea

What is in the sea?

colorful bubbles

strange elephantine fishes

dragging behind them long trail of mucus

palace inlaid with candies

with elves dancing among the corals

what is in the sea?

whirlpool of rapids

turbulent undercurrent

mysterious reefs

once closed in it’s hard to break free

lost shipwrecks

forgotten dragons

stirring winds and waves

spurring ships on the surface

what is the sea?

a mirror

a pool of blue billow

the day rises from the end of the sea

with golden hopes and miracles

a small rotation of the compass

this is the march of the east

a sailing to faraway places

sailing forward

what is the sea?

the unknown is not just precarious icebergs

the parlous storm

it makes people move forward unswervingly

because of dreams

reflecting the sun, the sky, the sea

and melodious memories.






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