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in the morning


faint and vague

vehicle and padestrians


life is quiet and good

thoughts simplified to none

smoke of the past is gone

let it be

peace is free and easy.

A surge of spring

A surge of flowing spring

cleansing the heart

in spotless purity

the sweetness of water

moistening a compassionate seedling

a surge of fresh spring

softening the heart

sensitizing it to the quiver

of petals

and the zen of water

a surge of fresh spring

becomes a mirror in the mind

reflecting gratitude and compassiom

and the width of ocean.

Realm of water

The water is clear

the slow moving raft is startling

the quiet

the ripples startle the birds

in the woods

and they fly into the mirror of sky

in the water.

A silent night

The chime of bell carries



the night sky be woken up

layers of snow


reveling children raising

a bouquet of bright light

sharing the stars

white moonlight

golden blessings

there’s no race

no barriers


the world is shrouded in clear crystal

farawayness is not a distance


Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

Happy New Year.


Away from the bustling city,
closer to the idyllic countryside,
to slow down the pace of life.
to let imagination leap through time and space.
Select a meadow,
and seek a little peace.

like wheat,


The peak of loneliness,
is beautiful,
looking at the self,
a bitter cup of tea,
tasting the most subtle,
finest sweetness,
a praise is amplified infinitely,
a dust is shrunk,

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