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Like a cup of tea

Life is an epiphany,

epiphany is a state of mind,

this state of mind is maturity,

maturity is calmness,

calmness is tranquility,

tranquility is a kind of detachment,

detachment is a choice,

this choice is a part of growing up.

Growing up is a responsibility,

responsibility is dedication,

dedication is assurance,

assurance is endeavor,

endeavor is struggle,

struggling is fighting,

fighting is passion.

Passion is a burning process,

burning is dreaming,

dreaming is pursuing,

pursuing means moving forward,

moving forward is power,

power is courage.

Some thoughts on life

A big towering tree on the mountaintop,

it has slowly grown up,

it seems to be still a young tree,

yet it contains a trace of vigorous hope.

A soaring eagle in the wide blue sky,

feathers and wings growing increasingly strong,

and it seems to be still a young eagle,

yet it is bursting through the clouds,

with passionate madness.

Grass on the roadside,

breaking through the soil quietly,

it seems to be a little scared,

yet the feeling is mixed with,

an indomitable force.

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