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You’ve seen a lot of paintings,

you’ve watched many operas,

you’ve worn many pairs of ballet slippers,

you’ve tuned countless strings,

you’ve traveled to every bookstore round the corner,

you wake yourself up with symphonies every morning,

you listen to classical music while jogging every evening,

you always dine with cutlery,

you only buy clothes with nostalgic laces,

they don’t understand your artiness,

they don’t understand your life,

you’re happy sometimes,

and quiet sometimes,

any explanation is futile,

the sun will always rise tomorrow,

beauty doesn’t equal artiness,




and delightful,

arty or aloof,

or deserted,

it’s a little mood,

a little idea,

it’s woolgathering,

it’s stargazing,

it’s dreaming,

it’s faint,

it’s remote,

it’s cold,

it’s touching,

it’s lightsome,

it’s free,


and selfless.




FIne Arts Museum

Here i’m admiring,

murals, paintings, watercolors abound,

a whisper,

can make the hall shake,

those clear and apparent thoughts,

are being consumed,


what the eyes can see,

the nose can smell,

the hand can touch,

are inlaid in this hall,

no one dares to hawk,

no auctioneers,

just arts,


it’s like a timeless sculpture,

still static things,

beauty is always so intoxicating,

in the most conspicuous place,

i see an oil painting,

hanging in the center of the hall,

people just don’t want to leave.

A wave of people,

they left,

a new wave of them,


and stopped,

in front of that painting,

it is too beautiful,

fascinating and salivating,

spaces in the hall,

full of people,

in front of the paintings,

lovers bill and coo.

crowd dispersed,

walking out,

still looking around,

as if they will miss,

an entire century,

if they missed a painting,

what kind of painting exactly,

was that,

venus with a broken arm,

or an angel in dreamland,

the crowd wondering,

and so am i.


heavy inks and colors,
in a painting,
no match for the lightness of the nature,
spring summer fall and winter,
a glimpse of,
bright arcs drawn by the meteor,
a shining glistening life,
at the ends of the earth,
a life of,
blooming flowers
waning moon,
one man,
one stage,
no halo,
no fans,
ordinary brilliance,
the sun can’t hear the cursing,
the moon can’t taste the praises,
an ordinary life,
so real,
true colors,
fully revealed.

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