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Purple flowers and yellow fruits

Purple flowers and yellow fruits

if appear on a balcony

if appear in a fine garden

they must have been given many names

loved and kissed

small dreamy purple flowers

blooming on the slopes of this wilderness

nobody watches or cares about them

bodies full of cumbersome thorns

nobody makes a special trip to study them

they know not the world beyond the wild slope

but the sun doesn’t slight them

every lovely round face is hung on powerful branches

they are golden fruits

with no bright names

they don’t exist on the balcony

in the garden

only on the dreamlike hillside

can you find these small purple flowers

and sweet yellow fruits.




City at night

City night

neon flashing blinding

no one sees the moon

no one counts the stars

everyone is busy

wine glasses clink

business and friendship intermix

city night

vehicles still shuttling

things unfinished during the day

are carried out during the night

the city night is hard to stop

microphones roaring

dumping pressures

venting tempers

city night

there are leisurely cafes

a touch of tea can occasionally evoke

certain feelings

but the gravity of the phone is still to big

city night

deep into a district

there’s the sound of frogs in the pond

it seems to tell people

it’s very quiet here

city night

movement and stillness




Childhood is

the best time

with a group of friends

to share

we ran together

sang together

free as the wind

no bundles of trouble

no worries about the direction

of the future

everyday was play

no scruples

like a wild child

didn’t understand dream

didn’t fear nothing

that’s the happiest time

that’s childhood.



A night at the park

Night sky above the park

is beautiful

the moon is round like pizza

bright like mirror

next to some unknown stars

the sky is cloudless

the moon is clear

the stars are like sesame seeds

that fall into a bowl

small and shiny.


Power of thinking

Thinking makes the wheels of the brain turn nonstop

thinking cuts off the thorns of problem

thinking enables people to play happily in an incredible world

thinking pulls the lost self back onto the right track

thinking is like sunshine giving people warmth and hope

thinking is like water flowing silently moistening the body and mind without asking anything in return

thinking lets exciting meteor fly across the sky

thinking lets horses gallop on the plains

thinking is the panacea that cures ignorance

thinking is the Bible of repentance that offers the sinner a salvation

thinking is the solid reliable ladder that facilitates people to climb to the peak of Science

thinking is the shining ticket that leads people into the palace of arts

thinking is the wonderful ups and downs of a song pleasant to the ears

thinking is a sumptuous feast of a thousand flavors and tastes to reward the stomach

thinking is the deep abyssal universe that accomodates hundreds of millions of nebula

thinking is the vast wide ocean composed of unnumerable droplets of water……

Beauty under the sun

Early morning

serene mountains

walking like a cloud

sunshine and smile

an encounter like hymn

wildflowers tint the season

blooming in fragrance

trees breathing charm

wind and fallen leaves

become the seasonings

of the season

the cachinnation of rhododendron

vocabulary of birds transmitting

the meaning of autumn

sunshine spreading

turning the past into warmth

sunshine circulating

sprinkled on faces

on the beautiful scenery of life.

The beauty of music


a music box

music is spreading

inch by inch

in the veins

starting to forget

the feeling of reality

a language like fantasy

the beauty of music

pure and sweet

uncontaminated by any color

it’s crystal clear

music is wonderful

music is soulful

music is not the sound of an icy instrument

music is emotional resonance

tinged by life

let the light music flow slowly

let the moldy mind bathe in music

let the sublimation

the pursuit of clarity of self and soul complete

love comes from music

music is tantamount to magic

that touches the softest place

in the heart

the hurly-burlies can be clarified

by the purity

of a wisp of music.

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