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Standing on a street

criss-crossed with neon

flashing like stars

from afar

shining on the ground

her colorful figure

red orange yellow green … purple

changes at will

as the music in the coffee shop

red is both warm and aloof

orange a little bit cheerful

yellow dignified and elegant

green quiet and fresh

cyan youthful and pure

blue melancholy and sad

purple dreamy and mysterious

her figure is even more

charming and enchanting

sometimes a budding flower

sometimes a halo

on the head of an angel

sometimes a long train of

pearls in the dark

a flowering tree

bright and eye-catching

her body underwater

like stars singing

in the splendor of the sky

i walk slowly


can’t bear to leave

probably this is the life

a dream

cannot finish.



the sky is beautiful

cerulean and full of fleece

bright moonlight within

a cloud painting


the night is captivating

the wind calling

a beautiful fairy tale realm

what kind of holy ceremony is this

filmy starry honeyed

ultramarine tiles

the sky seems to be calling for

the arrival of some advanced lifeform

round halo of the moon

a wild horse roving

golden sparks turn into

delicate flowers in the woods

an agile dragon passing though

the muzzy mountains so peaceful

clusters of chrysanthemum blooming

releasing a frgrance so indistinct

in the wilderness

pairs of murmuring birds

climb above the silver branches

playing and playing


the night is waning

the distant lights intoxicating

all the devout and wet

dew leading the way

in this world of emotions

full of passion


yet tender

just like water.




Night and light

Walking through the avenues

of the city

accompanied by a bright night

wide flat road

stretching straight

toward the distant horizon

glitter envelops blue sky

glitter shrouds the night

over the campus

and overwhelms

every smile

countless vehicles


in the middle of the city

carrying a lot of waiting

lots of dream and fantasy

shortening the distance home

with the violence of motor

illumination in the city

scatters on the paths

dispels darkness around

wanderers and wayfarers

it insists on burning

til a brighter tomorrow.





The mountain village

in deep autumn

ignites a bonfire

loneliness of dead leaves

the mountain so thin

cold autumn moon

at the other end

listens to the song

of the flowing time

a nightingale swept across the fields

over the branches of old tree

at the entrance view

between heaven and earth

a searing light

penetrates endless night

warming and illuminating

you and me.

The color blue

The blue

icy ocean


bright blue bubbles

the blue sky


light blue clouds

ancient trunks

entangled in blue secrets

branches covered

with blue flowers


flashing dark blue light

sounds of lovely fauna

from delicate blue flora

blue kingfisher


over the underbrush

the elk’s horn

playing a blue


blue gazelles

running in the blue breaths

of the earth

scarlet flames of flamingos

turn purple

and blue

the prairie wolf

taking a light blue drink

by the lake

its eyes

projecting a sharp

blue light

of a blue planet.



Eyes closed

sound of

the Himalayas

gurgling stream

beneath the night


shining in the sky

interlaced with time

and latitude

the expansion

of infinite space

a lonely soul

swims in


during the day


of crowds

from north to south

the whirling world

after sex with a

random girl

this lost heart

is vast.









under the trellis

like a girl

peeking through the latticework

of night


it makes me think

of something

stone bench in the park

a little cold and dusty

a pair of lovers

sitting next to each other

the moment is


what should be happening

what should not have happened

veiled in shadows



where lights congregate

there is no dark night

galaxy exists

in the eyes

of those who look

up high.

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