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Night in a small town

Night in a small town


street lights illuminate

every asphalt road

neon lights are like stars twinkling

gamboling on the wall

night in a small town


cars, motorcycles, padestrians

every road is choked

the ballroom sensational

night in a small town


people wandering aimlessly

in the street

a dancer comes out of the bar

and vomits in the street

the odor of liquor fills her life

her night

in a small town.


A night thought

The sun

locked in the drawer

the impetuous leaves

now calmed

the story

behind the moon

every bit every drop

rippling through the notebook

of the fleeting years

the recurring theme

on every page

happiness happiness happiness.

In the small hours of a rainy morning

Wide awake

in wee small hours

the night is lenient

like ocean

clarity becomes unimportant

blurriness becomes profound

rain in the wee small hours

beating on the roof

splashes of tranquility

spread on the muddy ground

ripples of brisk breeze relays

singing of fish and water

message from a four-leaf clover

whispers of seabirds

familiar cries

of the surrounding verdure.





in that distant

river of stars

every dream is


into bright light



flickering in the sky


into a fluorescent freshet

in the stellar sward

endless hope







Gorgeous night

I like the night

i like everything wonderful

night is an avatar of calm and peace

every impetuousness will dissipate into the night

night makes us learn to think

learn how to be thankful

when traces of night pass by our mind

every bustle becomes a thing of the past

the calm of night

makes people see through

the truth

in the night

thoughts collide and sparkle

gorgeous light of idea

burns bright

in the eye of the night.

City lights

The sky is getting darker

city lights gradually brighten

street lamps have started working

emitting radiance

shining in a corner of the city

car lights

converging into a glaring river

accompanied by the rhythm of the traffic lights


neon is the portrayal of reality

red green blue yellow

changing like wind


life is like this

no one knows what color it belongs to

one moment it’s red

then suddenly it’s green

lights are changing

night is getting darker

city getting quieter

until people go to sleep.


A walk on the beach

Nightfall is quiet

breeze is light

the vast sky stained with blue and gray

peace is far-reaching

not much clouds

nor stars

i look up and count

only three

and also a flying aircraft

crossing the sky

passing those stars

ocean is calm

just a ripplet in sight

distant high-rise neon

reflected on the water

phantom of the ocean

billows in the wind

padestrians on the coast


no babel of the day

sound waves seem to be

shrouded in duskiness.




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