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Summer moonlight

Summer moonlight

always so bright

a fews clouds floating

around the moon

lilacs in full bloom

nestled in moonlight

a wisp of fragrance

gently sneaking

into sleep


in the direction

of the thickening poetry.



A night at the park

Night sky above the park

is beautiful

the moon is round like pizza

bright like mirror

next to some unknown stars

the sky is cloudless

the moon is clear

the stars are like sesame seeds

that fall into a bowl

small and shiny.


Bright night

Birds drinking moonlight

falling asleep

in the cottage of wizard

the woods covered with haze

a quiet night

dream is bright

with starlight, fireflies and elves

a mosaic of dewdrop

sleepless elves awake

at the feet of dream

lovely tears in the forest

reflected in the silver mirror of moon

that severs all shadows

morning shall return

on the wings of birds.


Disheveled poet reads out

ten thousand winds

sounding bells

making the deaf madly sing

the view from a star

a small sail wandering

an apple smashing mountains and valley

the wine in the lake tonight

is the tears of fire

burning fragments of full moon with firewood.

Ordinary afternoon

Leisure time

in the afternoon

on the balcony

a picture of enjoyment

the winter sun

shining indolently

coffee on the wooden table


sometimes loneliness is


and meditation is


in an ordinary afternoon.


The night wind

collects the last ray of the setting sun

the distant comfort

every word is a star

a soft night

soft as a lake

fireflies and starlets swimming

amongst water lilies

the twinkling voice of

a hazy cloud of lilacs

burning in the cold

in a time forgotten by the sun.

Night of peace

Starry sky


the breeze carries a fragrance


a little poetic

the city in the arms of the moon

static and brilliant

tall buildings

a little square

a slow dance

by a sea of lamps

is goodness and joy

the grandeur of the sky

mysterious and beautiful

the splendour of the earth

is love and peace.

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