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half hidden

half bright, half dark

i am

in the dark corner



i gently push it open

fall into a glaring hug

the world is strangely


houses neatly arranged

cars pass by

one by one

birds sing

in the sky far away

as if everything should be hushed


as if

everything never happened.



Rain shower


in the shower of rain

memories like clothes

being washed

and restored

a large part of the heart

is emptied

hope begins

like a chain of mountains

no more withered flowers

and crying clouds

there’s a lucid forest

there are a million reasons

for the existence

of beauty

for giving a tree, a river

a sense of presence

and love.

Night in a small town

Night in a small town


street lights illuminate

every asphalt road

neon lights are like stars twinkling

gamboling on the wall

night in a small town


cars, motorcycles, padestrians

every road is choked

the ballroom sensational

night in a small town


people wandering aimlessly

in the street

a dancer comes out of the bar

and vomits in the street

the odor of liquor fills her life

her night

in a small town.

A night thought

The sun

locked in the drawer

the impetuous leaves

now calmed

the story

behind the moon

every bit every drop

rippling through the notebook

of the fleeting years

the recurring theme

on every page

happiness happiness happiness.

In the small hours of a rainy morning

Wide awake

in wee small hours

the night is lenient

like ocean

clarity becomes unimportant

blurriness becomes profound

rain in the wee small hours

beating on the roof

splashes of tranquility

spread on the muddy ground

ripples of brisk breeze relays

singing of fish and water

message from a four-leaf clover

whispers of seabirds

familiar cries

of the surrounding verdure.

Kiss yesterday goodbye

When the sun rises from the east

the next day

when rooster roars again

it means that yesterday has become

a thing of the past

it has been written into the history

of our growth

success or failure

glory or fall

joy or sorrow

a new day should start from scratch

kiss yesterday goodbye

so that we are not blinded by immediate success

so that we are not overcome by whatever failure

not absorbed by glory

not defeated by sorrow

kiss yesterday goodbye

make a little more progress

climb a little higher up

the ladder of positivity

kiss yesterday goodbye

be the best we can be

in a brand new day.


Give your life

some alone time

feel the power of silence

in solitude

turn off the phone

close your eyes

clear your mind

listen quietly

the heart beating

blood flowing


in the blue sky


the goal and course


with the tide


with the sea breeze

being alone

not just a spiritual and emotional experience

it is

a wonderful realm of life

life moves in solitude

spirit grows in solitude

mind changes in solitude

soul sublimates in solitude

thoughts shines in solitude

creativity sprouts

in solitude.



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