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The pianist on the ocean

Moonlight painting piano keys

eyes closed

listening to the sound of sea

the wish of the moon is to let you play

lonely god in the sea of eternity

shoreless voyage in a summerly season

the other side of life


The beauty of music


a music box

music is spreading

inch by inch

in the veins

starting to forget

the feeling of reality

a language like fantasy

the beauty of music

pure and sweet

uncontaminated by any color

it’s crystal clear

music is wonderful

music is soulful

music is not the sound of an icy instrument

music is emotional resonance

tinged by life

let the light music flow slowly

let the moldy mind bathe in music

let the sublimation

the pursuit of clarity of self and soul complete

love comes from music

music is tantamount to magic

that touches the softest place

in the heart

the hurly-burlies can be clarified

by the purity

of a wisp of music.

The water is wide

The love
of the wild grinning roses
clouds whittling
still the gentle thunder
the legend of the mountain
the mythology of the water

Little love

Little notes on the table,

i made them,
a little conch,

a little time,

little love,

a love pure as white paper,

the taste of an empty space,

wanting you to go on a date,

with me,

beautiful light music,

the carousel,

your lips covered in icecream,

you were happy,

little notes on the table,

lying quietly in a dream,

Clair de lune being played,

you were liking it,

orioles outside the window,


little love.

Finding edelweiss

Clad in white sweaters,

blooming on the Alps,

memories are your clever language,

and hysterical sweet words,

ears passing,

the dreamy Danube,

a magic flute,

like the distant,



eyes gazing,

at the black and white keys of,


a roundabout,

and tactful,

Le Nozze di Firago,

when thoughts are lodged,

in the faraway glacier,

and frozen,

in the Vienna State Opera,

many things are touched,

by a kind of innate inspiration,

this complex simplicity,

like the delicate charm,

in two centimeters of,

white petals.


You’ve seen a lot of paintings,

you’ve watched many operas,

you’ve worn many pairs of ballet slippers,

you’ve tuned countless strings,

you’ve traveled to every bookstore round the corner,

you wake yourself up with symphonies every morning,

you listen to classical music while jogging every evening,

you always dine with cutlery,

you only buy clothes with nostalgic laces,

they don’t understand your artiness,

they don’t understand your life,

you’re happy sometimes,

and quiet sometimes,

any explanation is futile,

the sun will always rise tomorrow,

beauty doesn’t equal artiness,




and delightful,

arty or aloof,

or deserted,

it’s a little mood,

a little idea,

it’s woolgathering,

it’s stargazing,

it’s dreaming,

it’s faint,

it’s remote,

it’s cold,

it’s touching,

it’s lightsome,

it’s free,


and selfless.




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