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a magical object

sketches too much

in just 2 hours

the beautiful

the wonderful

things, love, outer space


the cruel

the brutal

the broken

things, love, outer space

among these

there’s what you know

what you wanna know

what you haven’t known

the unknown


just like radiantly fascinating and colorful


it lets me

feel instantly

happiness, sadness, joy, anger

one minute the tears are flowing

then before you know it

a bright smile is spreading its wings

this roller-coaster-like plot

really lets me

feel deeply

that real life

ain’t easy.




The pianist on the ocean

Moonlight painting piano keys

eyes closed

listening to the sound of sea

the wish of the moon is to let you play

lonely god in the sea of eternity

shoreless voyage in a summerly season

the other side of life


When the wind rises

When the wind rises
the sky’s reminded of the cumulus cloud
its sole companion
when the wind rises
the tree’s reminded of the fallen leaves
its beloved old friends
when the wind rises
the mountain’s reminded of the flowing stream
a soulmate met by chance
in this mundane world
where time flies like an arrow
when the wind rises
what does it remind you of.

Orange love

A magical apartment

acting out modern comedy

an orange-scented atmosphere

neon-colored melodies

the cold biting wind


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