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A magical land

Snow is,

the pretty dress of the mountain,

water is the lover,

the wide,

wide horizon in the heart,

so clean,

without dust,

the green,


A song

In countless frantic nights,

i see you standing in the wind,

when i’m in a trance,

every heartstring tugged,

when there’s your joy and sighs,

flowers raining down from,

the cherry tree ,




looking out the window,

birds flying freely in the sky,

flowers in the morning breeze,

and grass growing,



Holding you

You’re wearing a long blue dress,

sitting on grass,

in the shadow of this mountain,

quiet like a solitary lotus,

I’m helpless,

frozen in this ethereal scenery,

i hold you gently,

“Close your eyes,

i smell the faint fragrance of you hair,


Old castle

The road is far,

can’t find any colorful birds,


the zone of alienation,

can’t touch the warmth of the rock,

mountains are silent,

a prayer in daylight,

grass is green,

breathing is good,

elves and wizards,


singing archaic song,


the underworld’s paradise,

clasping the hand of the sun,


into sleep,

darkness is,

brewing a trap,

only the beating flame is,

smiling at me.


The One Ring

The magic ring you gave me,

youngness that can’t be read,

the undead at the bottom of the Tigris,

scrambling for the chalice i stole for you,

biting and swallowing,

the fine wine of a millennium,


A poet’s dream

Crescent moon,
hanging in the night sky,
The footsteps of wind,
becoming heavy,
forests are quiet,
a lone wolf,
the silence of the mountains,
stillness of the lake,
a poet’s searching,
the fall of an angel.

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