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break into


push that door open

years of deposited dust

invades the nose

inhaled into the lungs

the resulting cough

causes more particles

to swirl

to twirl

in front of the window

why can’t i get out

even if the doors and windows open wide

even if the roof leaks

even if the limbs are free

but i

just can’t get out

in the morning light

i see you through

the dewdrop

carrying hope

a sacred glow

a pure sunrise

that is all








half hidden

half bright, half dark

i am

in the dark corner



i gently push it open

fall into a glaring hug

the world is strangely


houses neatly arranged

cars pass by

one by one

birds sing

in the sky far away

as if everything should be hushed


as if

everything never happened.


In the morning

Early in the morning

i open a window

let the bright charming sunshine in

fresh new air gets into my nose

pacifies my body and mind

trivial things that brothered me


i walk on green grass

beneath the radiance of the holy sun

i walk and walk slowly

vastness of the forest is hard for us to imagine

neither can we understand the fun in the sky

looking up

watching ther carefree birds fly

clouds in the sky chasing each other

everything looks harmonious

just like a painting

a harmonious painting.




Beautiful dawn


lightens the apathy of starlight

a touch of crimson

plastering the sky with the charm

of dayspring

a kind of simple idea

written in the idyllic wilderness

incorporated with birdsong and balm

the nature thus has a poetic artistic meaning

a new day

quietly actuates warmth

even though the early sunshine is not bright enough

but it is definitely

full of hope

sunrise is beautiful

beautiful beyond words

like a dainty bonne bouche

morning light

adds colors to vision

makes people glow with vigor

in the beauty of time.



People say you’re a bundle of bright flying arrows

I say you’re the golden body of a combination of multicolored light

selflessly devoting the heat of zenith

for the growth and reproduction of all things

shining on the autumnal harvest of cultivators

sincerely painting the sky red

raising the golden scythe and sickle high

letting every ray of flame add

a miracle.

Honey bee

Chasing the footsteps of anthesis

trekking on a journey of fresh flowers

dancing with sweet hope amidst mountains and rivers

a dream sets sail in persistence

bees kissing beautiful fragrance

brewing honey with industriousness

the joy of harvest is ripplng

in the air

a frolicking elf

intrepreting the apprearance

of a happy life

in a flowery world.

Break of day

Eyes open

see the soft light of dawn

push out the window

taste the fragrance of wind


touch the morning hour


 hear the song of life.


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