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People say you’re a bundle of bright flying arrows

I say you’re the golden body of a combination of multicolored light

selflessly devoting the heat of zenith

for the growth and reproduction of all things

shining on the autumnal harvest of cultivators

sincerely painting the sky red

raising the golden scythe and sickle high

letting every ray of flame add

a miracle.


Honey bee

Chasing the footsteps of anthesis

trekking on a journey of fresh flowers

dancing with sweet hope amidst mountains and rivers

a dream sets sail in persistence

bees kissing beautiful fragrance

brewing honey with industriousness

the joy of harvest is ripplng

in the air

a frolicking elf

intrepreting the apprearance

of a happy life

in a flowery world.

Break of day

Eyes open

see the soft light of dawn

push out the window

taste the fragrance of wind


touch the morning hour


 hear the song of life.



The morning breeze blowing

over the familiar mounds

stalks of grass

swaying the sounds

of hidden insects


longing for blue sky


wetting muds along the path

singing gently

flying slowly

unwittingly embedded into the poetry

of the season

subtle fragrance

of flowers and stars floating

shadow of moon whirling

mounds are sleeping

a wisp of smoke

depicting the peace of the village

a maple leaf

burning the ignorance of youth

a small stream

snaking through first love

an expanse of daylilies

sketching directions

sound of a flute

inspiring happiness of springtime

 and splendid sunrise

over the exciting emerald mounds

of time.

First light

The first ray of sunshine

seeps through the window

permeates the walls

it feels homey

it drives away dark and cold

brings in warmth and light

touching it after a dream

is a kind of


Beginning of the day

The beginning

of another activation of life

the first light is injected into the eye

life begins

a new round of rotation

in the morning

 birds outside the window still vividly alive

chicken in the backyard

declaring their existence

with their unique voices

children talking and laughing on the road

are the hope of the village

the concentrated figure of eras

generations of propagation

of the hope of hopes

breeze pulling thoughts

time freezes

in the wander

of the staggering words and phrases.

Morning walk

Wild lake

early in the morning

the color of the affable fog falters

cold birds chirping

seedlings carry a silver sword

footsteps measuring the distance

of the quiet path

jotting down passion for life

yearning for wonderfulness

in every corner

jogging in the rhythm of simplicity

the reservoir of sincerity

in the journey

of the heart.

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