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In the garden


opens the door

the vegetable garden waking up

chives, cucumbers and beans

sprouts and seedings breaking

through the floor

a few sunflowers

they shake off yesterday’s thoughts

the earthy aroma

conveys joy and eacstasy

a rabbit touches bliss

with the sweet-scented branches

of tea olives

in the depths of fragrance

ducks and chicken

chasing each other

an elegant circle

of the kitchen garden

a half red half green


i spread the seeds

of freedom

let them be portentous

let them be languorous

the breeze

of the four seasons

picks up the fallen lyrics on the ground

a group of light clouds write down

high and low notes

the children sing

of the scintillating years

and the long lost fervor

of the soul.







Early in the morning

little forest trails

pictures of the roadside captured

hands outreaching

heart listening

the air is

the tranquility of the time

cheerful rhythm intertwined

with the romantic

disposition of the birds

poetry and sky shine

stars sparkle and warblers shy

a portion of springtime intercepted

written with flowers of tenderness

a leaf selected

to appreciate the crystal clear condensation

a scent collected

to brew a kind of elegant


the spirit of poetry

dances in the wind

tied on a pair of wings

it flies freely

in vibrancy.








The arrival of dawn


most savory

it lets me

see the dream

the time

the road

i greet

the dawn

accompanied by

awakened trees

salty breeze

crisp songs of robins

dewy blades of grass

bathing in the beaming





break into


push that door open

years of deposited dust

invades the nose

inhaled into the lungs

the resulting cough

causes more particles

to swirl

to twirl

in front of the window

why can’t i get out

even if the doors and windows open wide

even if the roof leaks

even if the limbs are free

but i

just can’t get out

in the morning light

i see you through

the dewdrop

carrying hope

a sacred glow

a pure sunrise

that is all







half hidden

half bright, half dark

i am

in the dark corner



i gently push it open

fall into a glaring hug

the world is strangely


houses neatly arranged

cars pass by

one by one

birds sing

in the sky far away

as if everything should be hushed


as if

everything never happened.


In the morning

Early in the morning

i open a window

let the bright charming sunshine in

fresh new air gets into my nose

pacifies my body and mind

trivial things that brothered me


i walk on green grass

beneath the radiance of the holy sun

i walk and walk slowly

vastness of the forest is hard for us to imagine

neither can we understand the fun in the sky

looking up

watching ther carefree birds fly

clouds in the sky chasing each other

everything looks harmonious

just like a painting

a harmonious painting.




Beautiful dawn


lightens the apathy of starlight

a touch of crimson

plastering the sky with the charm

of dayspring

a kind of simple idea

written in the idyllic wilderness

incorporated with birdsong and balm

the nature thus has a poetic artistic meaning

a new day

quietly actuates warmth

even though the early sunshine is not bright enough

but it is definitely

full of hope

sunrise is beautiful

beautiful beyond words

like a dainty bonne bouche

morning light

adds colors to vision

makes people glow with vigor

in the beauty of time.


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