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A star in the sky

flashing colorful light

a beacon in the dark

illuminating the heart

like a light bulb

i’m sitting on a bench

stagnating thoughts

suddenly the brain feels hot

turns out i’m quietly sweating

i feel this heat

i need to learn to use the switch of my mind


just like the 24 hours

of the earth.



A rare case of you


on the snow-capped mountains of Poland

as if you’re about to turn into

thousands of miles of

silvery giftwrap

a rare case of you

veiled in mist

over the Great Belt Bridge of Denmark

as if you’re about to sink

into the river of sky

by a gust of wind

a rare case of you

surrounded by orbs of shadow

on the highest point of the Gateway Arch of St. Louis

as if you’re about to be plunged

into the light blue sea

the next second

a rare case of you

as bright as a mirror

on the tip of the tower crane

as if you’re lifted up

to build the entire solar system

a rare case of you

hazy as jade

in grandmother’s drawer

a rare case of you

light as a plate

in the hustle and bustle of the city sky

rivaling cups of flashing neon

a rare case of you


in the palms of the children’s hands

warm as a pancake fresh out of the oven

a rare case of you

outside the clean windows of a classroom

with a little involuntariness

a rare case of you

in the digital SLR cameras of others

with a different kind of glow

and brilliance.

Sleepless Moon


in a quiet night

moonlight is the sole companion

silver light flowing

chilly breeze blowing

listening to the broken language of foliage

smelling the faint fragrance of flowers

dews of tomorrow

are perhaps the tears of the moon

lonely moon

scattered fragmented stars

sleepless tonight.

Mid-autumn festival

is the hope and prayer
of the year
a hope
from generation to generation
it carries many many myths
and legends
will forever be
in the hearts of
12 cycles
12 waxes and wanes
for once
you have come full circle
the bright moonlight
like holy water sprinkled
every heart lights up
immersed in such a night
everything flashing
hope and harvest coexist
a full moon in the sky
round round moon cakes
nourish the heart
every smile is
because tonight
we harvest the ripe success
and sow a new round

Rainy evening

The wind comes,

bringing pleasantness,

rain on my shirt,

telling me the message of the sky,

after the new rain,

the sunset is exceptionally showy,


Green autumn

Soundless wind blowing,

red river flowing,

in the clouds,

golden glow floating,

through the sky,

orange sun,

walking westward,

here the grass is still green,

babyish sun growing,

warmth rising,

undulating waves of grass,

awakened tides of the morning,

dancing butterflies and feathers,

just like the passionate colorful sails of summer,

the wonderful notes of the moon,

words of the nature,

sky is the composer,

in the pure autumn,

a flaming red dress,

a green bride

a blue sedan,

an excellent matchmaking,

by the nature.


Secret garden

Moonlight after rain,

bright and quiet,

written on a wet trail,


picking up a glowing pearl,

a stone like the night’s eye,


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