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A star in the sky

flashing colorful light

a beacon in the dark

illuminating the heart

like a light bulb

i’m sitting on a bench

stagnating thoughts

suddenly the brain feels hot

turns out i’m quietly sweating

i feel this heat

i need to learn to use the switch of my mind


just like the 24 hours

of the earth.



The peak of loneliness,
is beautiful,
looking at the self,
a bitter cup of tea,
tasting the most subtle,
finest sweetness,
a praise is amplified infinitely,
a dust is shrunk,

Rainy evening

The wind comes,

bringing pleasantness,

rain on my shirt,

telling me the message of the sky,

after the new rain,

the sunset is exceptionally showy,


The hand of time

Holding the hand of time,

i wander,

letting time flow into the soul,

that cold,

has melted into streams,

flowing into the distance,

light green grass in springtime,



Light shirt cleansed by the spring breeze,
met in a time in March,
reunited in the beauty of May,
the smile in the eyes is flying,
touching the beating gentleness,
breathing in the residual scent of love,
memories in hover,

within the mind,



Looking for a dream,

in this sobriety,

without a moment to spare,

no radar,

no map,

it has an unlimited power,

no scruples,

no misgivings,

the hazy destination,

mirrored in the mind,

a tactful story,

an auditory hallucination,

too abstruse,


full of unreachable endings,


with all strength and might,


in a vague reverie,


a spiritual paradise.

Faint aftertaste

Thick fog is over,
light wind,
a touch of sun,
floating leisurely with the thin clouds,
flowers blooming,
leaving a trace of faint scent,
like a good wine,
like a victorious scenery,
forgot which place it was,
stained with this kind of smell,
quite touching,
like silks of sentiment,
hard to break,
wants and wishes,
hard to end.
Faint aftertaste,
poesies and paintings galore,
faint aftertaste,
the best comfort to the mind.

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