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Time is like a wisp of smoke

it goes from dense

to thin and then

as if it will be gone

in the next second

time is like a glass of juice

from thick

to weak

more to less

as if it will disappear

after another sip

time is like a book

from beginning

to end

as if it will be over

in the next page

time is like a movie

from long

to short and soon

it will be though in a glance

time can dilute everything

time can prove everything

change everything

heal everything

make you forget







Childhood is

the best time

with a group of friends

to share

we ran together

sang together

free as the wind

no bundles of trouble

no worries about the direction

of the future

everyday was play

no scruples

like a wild child

didn’t understand dream

didn’t fear nothing

that’s the happiest time

that’s childhood.



This old house

The sound of firecrackers

in the rain

reverberant and pure

this old house

looks the same as previous years

not much different

just a lot quieter

silence of time

uncompounded by any trace of sentiment


the water is too.


River of my hometown

winding like artery

clinging to the path

crawling at the foot of the mountain

the water is clear as crystal

bright and clean

there are crabs, shrimp and fishes

and many moons of childhood

dressed in splendor

playing in the water

the memorable past is flowing

footprints and laughter of childhood friends

dreams and vicissitudes

joys and sorrows



the mizzle of spring

fallen leaves of autumn

willow of summer

have all left their mark

in the river

the river of hometown


flowing deep into sleep

into the heart

into the ocean of memory.


A simple village

Simple village

white clouds in blue sky venting

all feelings

turning into a soft pillow

in a dream

and a gentle dream

in the heart

the sunset reflecting

pure yellow light

like the prairie of the Hobbits

green and yellow are fused

sparkling with the brilliance

of diamonds and pearls

low walls of the village

wrapped with a heartful of memories

that sway in the rain.


Memory is a cruise ship

sailing the ocean

laden with traces of time

flying swiftly

and lastly

it gradually

goes out of sight.

Love is poetry

One morning

a blue sky

layers of clouds


imagination under the sun

is clouds


and a childhood dream

i have a pen

filled with memories

of yesterday

taking apart a forgotten paper plane

i write down a simple poem

about love

for the morning dew

the evening breeze

the plains of wilderness

and the endless starry sky

the world in my eyes


like poetry.

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