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Sense of sakura

Clear skies

and flowing clouds

here before sakura again

shade and shadows

me and sakura



staring at sakura

ruddy and fair

pure and beautiful as her face

sakura slightly sway

as if she is in front

of me smiling

a loving trace

of hope

and warmth


my heart

the world stops moving

the soul drifts away

with her momentarily

then it all fades

pale petals fall

illusory yet plaintive

affecting parts of me

letting out a sigh

I think quietly

I still feel nostalgic

hoping to connect by the threads

of wind

but sakura

accompanied by the mud

of spring

I have to let go

the clinging strings

and just wish


sakura falling


the heart plaintive

like a broken dream


dissipating lightly

as imprints of a ghost

remains of smoke.



I had a garden

 a small garden

red white and pink flowers

patted my head like waves

colorful birds shaking off morning dew

jumping from one end of the fence

to the other

there’s a secret hole in a huge magnolia tree

i hid a lot of poetry in it

but the garden

the original garden

is gone

don’t know where it went

i had a garden

a squirrel with a tail like a large green fan

it chews on pine cone

like little me playing the harmonica

when it’s happy it dances

in front of my window beneath the blue sky

it invited me to be a guest

on its birthday

we looked at the rainbow together

in front of its door where it’s rolling a pine ball

but the garden is gone

the original garden

did it run away

who has abducted it

i often dream about it

thinking i’m lost.


Paper plane

I put the paper plane

in a poem

previously it wasn’t like this

it would fly to the sky

i would fold it seriously

i had to think hard about the name

Fantasy? Fighting? Glory?

i had to write it on its wing

it would fly around the classroom

i’d wonder swiftly

where will it land

on the desk, the podium, the grass…

it would then fly again

from another person’s hand

it’s been there for a long time

in solitude where nobody pays attention

i pick it up

i think about it

i write Memory on its wing

and place it cozily

in a poem.


Just a poem

I loved her

thousands of times

searching for

the soul of a poem

i loved her


a village where

cherry blossoms spring from

i loved her

a stack of white sails

passing through twilight

across the fluted water

i was not afraid

of the cold river

thousands of pages turned


from the corner of my eye

she was a bright scenery


searching thousands of times in vain

it turned out

she’s just a poem

those shy dimples

where poetry is from.

The past

The past

like turning pages

flashing words

vivid storyline




everyone has



moments and events

whenever they come up

thoughts surge up

mind stirred up

the innocence

the passion

and now

less impetuous emotions

the past having

gained momentum from growth

most worthy of being



Love letter

You are

the moon of the west

sun of the east

unlimited playback

in memory

brilliant starlight

in the fireworks

you are still

the glory

on the boundless cliff


inside of time.

Bowl of cherries


next to an ancient road

that’s the

aroma of your hair

reminds me of

the one who likes ice-cream

a face blushing

red as cherry

a little wish

i cling to

i want to meet you


beautiful memories of autumn

when i saw you at school

eyeful of mystery

you attracted me

into friendship

beautiful memories

when i saw you last

your eyes calm me down

as i lean back

on my school bag.






Eyes closed

sound of

the Himalayas

gurgling stream

beneath the night


shining in the sky

interlaced with time

and latitude

the expansion

of infinite space

a lonely soul

swims in


during the day


of crowds

from north to south

the whirling world

after sex with a

random girl

this lost heart

is vast.







Standing at the heart

of a river

looking forward to a snowflake dawn

touching the cheek of reed

more awake than the breeze

the stars drifting

all over the sky

quelling the fear of falling asleep

the riverbank quiet as a cat

fireflies journey to another

bright spot

the lost corners

time has changed them

like paint

memory has shifted

their places

like wheels



Dragonfly on the lake

ripples turn into thoughts

dancing shapes on the branches

wind blowing the horn

everything quietly

reminiscent of

bits and pieces of life

there’s no loneliness

in the depths of

the soul.


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