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Calm like water

Autumnal colors

glamorous sun

the sky

faintly blue

leaves are peaceful

even the wind is


and calm

the heart is calm

like still water

like the indolent sun

of the afternoon

in a corner

longing is quietly


growing arbitrarily

in the sunshine

breeze blowing


in the sky


this moment.


The peak of loneliness,
is beautiful,
looking at the self,
a bitter cup of tea,
tasting the most subtle,
finest sweetness,
a praise is amplified infinitely,
a dust is shrunk,

An evening walk

I like to go for a walk,

in the evening,

along the river,

there seems to be a banquet,

a feast for the soul,

the sound of rushing river,

cleansing the earthly melancholy,



Bustling city,
silent street corner,
long-drawn-out serenity in remote countryside,
domestic animals hearing each others’ stories,
in a soundproof window of a high-rise,
keeping my mind on writing the hustle and bustle outside,
alone on the rails,
vermifrom lamps and lanterns waning,
enjoying the hush,
safe and quiet,
my heart as level and limpid as a whetstone,
facing the complex ocean of my mind,
in solitude,
facing the present moment,
questing for the future, (more…)

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