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Summertime of May

It’s May,
what a fragrant season,
a love nest that accomodates many many dreams,
the pond of lovesickness,
in the city of May,
vacant feathers shining bright,
in the eyes,
everything beautiful,
implanted into the scenery,
sitting in a painting,
with a beautiful mind,
sweet as honey ,
beautiful watered branches of May,
circular dream stretching its tantacles,
for the love of all things,
the summer explores,
golden fireflies traveling,
white butterflies flying,
out of the dream,
an enchanted moment in the cocoon,
a burst of heavy rain from heaven,
like rolling stones,
tied with good news,
birds sleeping soundly in the grass,
they start flapping their wings,
to shake off dewdrops on thier feathers,
they want to fly,
on the branches of May,

the breeding of ,

many beautiful fantasies,

the sound of bird,

crashes the sky,

creeps into dreams,

hanging the most beautiful fantasy,

onto the branches of May,

all souls,


and desires,

like the seeds lost,

from the mouths of birds,


and sprouting,

in May.


Light shirt cleansed by the spring breeze,
met in a time in March,
reunited in the beauty of May,
the smile in the eyes is flying,
touching the beating gentleness,
breathing in the residual scent of love,
memories in hover,

within the mind,

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