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Your name

It has a kind of magic

that catches my eyes

because this is your name

just like a beautiful dream

it gives off a sweet bouquet

a kind of intoxication

that makes me close my eyes

when i open my eyes

i vaguely see

your long flowing hair

i hear

your cheerful laughter

your name is just so





Honey bee

Chasing the footsteps of anthesis

trekking on a journey of fresh flowers

dancing with sweet hope amidst mountains and rivers

a dream sets sail in persistence

bees kissing beautiful fragrance

brewing honey with industriousness

the joy of harvest is ripplng

in the air

a frolicking elf

intrepreting the apprearance

of a happy life

in a flowery world.


A heavy rain

cleanses the earth and skies

then all is fine

i lean on a railing

breezy with an eyeful of bright freshness

trees and crops on the vast plains

become dazzling green

clusters of woods surrounding a village


in the distane there’s an egret

it flies past the top of the hills suddenly

the stops at the foot


the egret is in love

with this beautiful environment

reveling in this stunning scenery.

Her town

The gentle breeze blows

over your town

the sunlight pierces through the clouds

scattered on the road you used to walk

the cat prancing

ducks asleep on the water

birds crossing the light blue sky elegantly

a few yellow leaves

fell out of the palm of the tree

drifting freely

in the wind.


Original self

Some people

we brush by

and never meet again

along the road

of unlimited hope

the wind rises

makes things change

makes them more beautiful

may everything be

as beautiful as ever

may the soul of man

be simple and pure

and true to

the original self.


Sakura beneath the moonlight

Half a moon

soft light shines down

the village is asleep

the village has a dream

the dream is bedewed cherry blossoms

the dream is elegant


sakura outside the village

it has a dream

exuding delicate fragrance

this is the best way it knows to express

a simple wish.


Sounds of nature

The sounds of nature

from ancient times til today

everyday we listen

to the sounds of nature

spontaneously touching our hearts and ears

without affectation


I’ve been loving the sounds since i was little

the wind the rain the thunder

the water the waves the tree leaves

the birds the insects

the chicken the cattle the horses……

all the sounds of nature

these sounds are most special

most lingering

sounds of nature

like sunshine and air

gratuitous and free

to listen



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