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Summer morning

One morning in summer

beautiful dawn

the earth clothed in long bright robe

everything is beautiful

everything is full of vigor

full of life

the air is filled with unique aroma

it’s vegetation

exuding the breath of life

of happiness

mountains and wilderness

warm and quiet

forests and meadows

bringing comfort of life

birds singing the song of morning

beautiful voices

this is the beauty of morning

this is reverie

this is aspiration.






A blank sheet of paper

is a poem

in the eyes of a poet

a story

a segment of life

A blank sheet of paper

is a painting

in the eyes of an artist

a tree a flower a bird

a mountain a river

a long-cherished wish

of the painter.


What is in the depth of the clouds

it’s the distant words

what is beneath the sky

it’s the gentle footsteps

what is on the other side

of the sea

it’s the vitality of egrets

horses flying on the prairie

the speed and strength

carrying dream and warmth

of the magical land

in the depths of the clouds

there’s an encouragement

from afar

beyond the sea

there’s blessings

from the egrets

this is a magical land

the cattles and sheep are comfy

the shepherd is happy

on this beautiful land.

Soul of Poetry

Wonderful verses

like dancing wings of nature

like sun of the human mind

bright eyes of the soul

they grow like stars and flowers

adorning the hall

of human longing

like an angel’s face

without a grain of grit

and gray.


The moment the flowers smile

your charm stuns heaven and earth

the sound of water is your singing

the flowing clouds are your dress

the flowery hills are your youthful

romantic footsteps

the moment the eyes stare at quietness

poetry wanders in your tenderness

waves of wheat are your seduction

the duckweed are your big smile

the misty smokey rain

is your warm lingering temptation

in cold silent tears

your melancholy is taken away by the wild geese

the chrysanths are your attachment

the cicadas are your secret

and the burning red maple leaves are

your praise for nature

in the cold dignified enlightenment

you wash away the wind and moon

the evergreen is your love

the plum blossoms your hope

and the vast expanse of snowy sky

is your wish to be

born again.

Poetic spring

The new red sun

kisses the dormant river

sound of water and breeze

poured into ears

wandering bikes and kites

just like the flying dreams and happiness

of children

springtime woven by rain

washes away the old monotonous time

branches are moistened by raindrops

florets fumed by mist

a pair of swallows on the rafter

renovating their nest

golden bees, butterflies and blue birds

lurking in light

begin to compose a new song

for spring

bright elegant day spread out in poetry

illustrated with gods of grass and flowers

outside the window of green

soft drizzle refreshing the colors

of the season.



natural beauty

a visual comfort and warmth

a symbol of environmental peace

and vitality

pine and holly

are the sincerest friends of green

still gorgeous

this season


the eternal theme of the earth

immortal angel of the soul.

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