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Sun shining directly at skylight

stirring the direction of sleeping particles

swinging green colored oxygen

dynamic wind moving light waves

migrating images

magnetic fragrance diffuses in the room



methodically bright and clear

the picture is unimaginable

shades of green whisper

elaborating the scenery

of nature.


Where is happiness

Where is happiness

it’s in the soft sun of spring

it’s in the dancing shadow of the moon

it’s in the affectionate lingering rain

where is happiness

it’s in a momentary encounter

it’s in the laughter over lemonade

it’s in the warmth of hometown

where is happiness

it’s in our hearts

it’s in every corner

it’s in the gratitude

for all things

happiness is in


Through the windowpane

The sound of rain


this is the sound of time


every drop of rain is love

sprinkling on the soil

quietly as love

the night sky

so impossibly high

stars are twinkling



a poem

an emotion

a sleepless thought.


An Autumn Walk

written with Aaron the jewish dude

Poems (poesie)

Lets find a

Leafy colorful afternoon

to take a walk

Don’t say

You don’t have the time

Lets find a

Cozy grove at the end of the road

With a park bench to sit on

Where there’s a beautiful mood

The soft warm sun and cerulean skies

Won’t wait for you

Neither will the wind stop for awhile

The birds chirp melodies

Above our heads

Watch them fly

Going here and there

In the blue sky

We can see kids

Playing around

Having fun

Being happy

Enjoying their youth

It’s not dark yet

We can stay even then

Though a light chill

We are warm

Lets smile

Find some peace

Let our bodies relax

Drift in calmness

Lets take a walk

Nothing to do with duties

Just talk about this vivid

Delightful scenery

Done by me and ChinHooi

To see his work check out:

Pictures taken by me

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I would rather choose to be alone

free and happy

sitting by the river

watching it flow quietly

watching it take away

all troubles

listening to the wind in the forest

the strong sonorous wind is like a rock song

the lingering breeze like a sweet love song

if there’s no wind

the sound of birds tweeting

is a cheerful nursery rhyme

lying on the grass

in warm sunshine

sometimes there’s a mischievous ant

that climbs onto my hand

let it be

as long as it doesn’t bite me

we are equally happy.





The western mountain range

is the home of the setting sun

the burning clouds

at this moment

what else

can’t be forgotten

the fog

is the wedding dress of the moon

the lotus and lake

ancient and elegant

the beach

is the sofa of the soul

put troubles to rest

let happiness sublimate.

City lights

The sky is getting darker

city lights gradually brighten

street lamps have started working

emitting radiance

shining in a corner of the city

car lights

converging into a glaring river

accompanied by the rhythm of the traffic lights


neon is the portrayal of reality

red green blue yellow

changing like wind


life is like this

no one knows what color it belongs to

one moment it’s red

then suddenly it’s green

lights are changing

night is getting darker

city getting quieter

until people go to sleep.


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