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Tranquility stems from the mind

the mind that determines

what kind of scenery there’ll be

in the heart

when the heart is tranquil

it can hear small subtle sounds

when the heart impatient

a distraught mood will arise

a tranquil heart

like still water

a tranquil person

will naturally have a good dream

every night.



My world

My world

is nothing different

has a warm sun

beautiful moon

romantic stars

my world

possesses a poetic journey

picturesque landscape

sweet-smelling flowers

colored rainbow

my world

all good things

good times

can be seen any moment

with the heart.



After it rains

After rain

the window of a dull room is suddenly opened

every leaf is coated with a brilliant luster

the distant mountains

previously inked

now the trees and stones are vaguely visible

the dirt is spilled

into ponds and ditches

disembouged into uneven places

with pits and holes

grassy shrunken ponds

becomes muddy sediment.




If the heart is calm and warm

every flower and grass of the world

is a scenery

the past is wind

that becomes memory

living in the moment

in ordinary time

smelling the warm spring rain

watching padestrians

enjoying the quiet

the scenery that is our own


happiness is always

the way.

Under the eaves


like stars

soaring above the roof

clear dreams

walking through the song of rain

boundless sky

close enough to be grasped

dense and brimming

there’s a trace of warmth

under the eaves

a trace of comfort

the house is sweet as brown sugar

simplicity remains

not far away from dawn

not far away from tomorrow

everything’s in sight

the same piece of sky

waiting for the sun.


When I see your face

Maybe you don’t know

how special you are to me

at the turn of the season

as long as i can see your face

the heart is composed

no longer afraid

everything is fine

every season

when i see your face

joy drifts to the eyebrows

fragrance diffuses through the season

places you have been

flowers will bloom

where you are

it’s a wondrous scenery.

City at night

City night

neon flashing blinding

no one sees the moon

no one counts the stars

everyone is busy

wine glasses clink

business and friendship intermix

city night

vehicles still shuttling

things unfinished during the day

are carried out during the night

the city night is hard to stop

microphones roaring

dumping pressures

venting tempers

city night

there are leisurely cafes

a touch of tea can occasionally evoke

certain feelings

but the gravity of the phone is still to big

city night

deep into a district

there’s the sound of frogs in the pond

it seems to tell people

it’s very quiet here

city night

movement and stillness



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