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Sitting next to you

just like this

looking at the colorful sunset


feeling the wind blow


smelling the fragrance of

swaying grass and flowers

letting sweetness disperse

in the air

holding your hand silently

just like this

silece becomes the incarnation of beauty

looking at the clouds

come and go

how many days and nights

has it been

you bloom like a lotus

in my heart

looking at you silently

just like this

love is always hidden

in my heart

i don’t need to say

any extra word

we let time stay

this moment

there’s always happiness overflowing

in my heart

just because you smile

cheerfully in front of me

the most beautiful scenery

in the garden

we are moved by the twilight

because you’re in my world

we are happy

because we believe in love

every encounter

is just like

the first.


Got nothing to do

so i lie down

and think of you

and i see you

see you lying down too

some words scattered around you

i try to teach them some rules

arrange them line by line

thus they become poetry

i think this belongs to you

because those words were by your side

now i see you lying down

now in poetry.


Thinking is ever
changing in other
words constantly updated
a plain vanilla
toneless realm
can further
be made over
moreover be
a website is
routinely updated
so as it’s no longer
a page so trite
and life is never
endingly being
to dilute the
same mundane
insane tedium
updates again
even the slightest scintilla
is great delight.

Just a poem

I loved her

thousands of times

searching for

the soul of a poem

i loved her


a village where

cherry blossoms spring from

i loved her

a stack of white sails

passing through twilight

across the fluted water

i was not afraid

of the cold river

thousands of pages turned


from the corner of my eye

she was a bright scenery


searching thousands of times in vain

it turned out

she’s just a poem

those shy dimples

where poetry is from.

Just another morning

The early morning sun

a few words

pieced together

into casual poetry

give it to you

clean up the sleepiness

yesterday stays

on the desktop

a lonely plate

on the table

turn on the washing machine

throw in the clothes

still unawakened

pace to the kitchen

crack an egg

fry a golden sun

sit down by the window

color of autumn sqeezes in

listen to some music

enjoy this morning

that’s a little


The most beautiful scenery


the mellow scent

of years

brillianty diaphanous


i like this kind of life

one man

one window

an elegant emotion

hidden deep


a world belongs only

to you

no problem

water cleanses

words warm

simple bright and joyous

sitting alone

in a corner of time

beautiful sun at the fingertips

flowing innocently


lines of sacred brocade


drops of insight

into the ocean of ink

and feelings

always believe

the most beautiful scenery

is right in front

of us.


Bowl of cherries


next to an ancient road

that’s the

aroma of your hair

reminds me of

the one who likes ice-cream

a face blushing

red as cherry

a little wish

i cling to

i want to meet you


beautiful memories of autumn

when i saw you at school

eyeful of mystery

you attracted me

into friendship

beautiful memories

when i saw you last

your eyes calm me down

as i lean back

on my school bag.






Eyes closed

sound of

the Himalayas

gurgling stream

beneath the night


shining in the sky

interlaced with time

and latitude

the expansion

of infinite space

a lonely soul

swims in


during the day


of crowds

from north to south

the whirling world

after sex with a

random girl

this lost heart

is vast.








then immediately

invisible you

starts to take shape

an image i like

becomes clear

a look

of my favorite

put into a tiny heart

my floating body

slowly begins to fall

and settle down

you are

the sun

with the warmth of a bonfire

with you

i can safely



the winter.




and sunset

this is a place

in a dream



and village

occasionally a few sparrows

that sing along

orange clouds

red tiles

cattle on the side

of the road

farm full of greens

the secluded evening wind


me in the backseat

reading the bucolic details

in sight


wonderful time.

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