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Open mind


i sit at my desk

write down the draft of an idea

with a pen

words come together

in the soul

express my sincerity

write it out not just to show it

gently i

stretch my mind

engrave my heart with a message

of springtime

the word is alive

the work is the perfect embodiment

it lets life continue

create many tales and legends

and revive a spendid culture


persistence is best practice

the pen and ink will naturally release


transcendence of life

comes from a constant faith

just at the moment

when thoughts are open.


Wheat field

Holding memories firm

in the left hand

standing with me

the warm wheat field

on the remote wild green edge

crowd of rain clouds

with a hot sun painted

in the heart

line of hope

cuts a trembling arm

mutter of pigeons

scattered around the wheat field


teaches me to respect

and sing

for the growers.



Virescent grass

dressed up in the hot summer


puts a colorful coat on the land

radiant flowers

golden corn

a blazing friendship.


Summer wind

Summer wind

a hint of green turf

a touch of cycling time

bedecks every colored dream

standing under the stars

is you

like melodious symphony

it sounds so beautiful

when the wind blows

the plum blossom is your breath

when you smile

it’s the trace of a meteor

across the sky

silent but

it looks so beautiful.


Poetry is all around

if you look for it

it’s around

it’s everywhere

if you calm yourself down

poetry is where

you can and cannot see

like the gentle breeze in the drizzle

like fallen leaves in the green wheat field

like burning bonfire in the evening glow

poetry is in the bits and pieces of life

a lover

a white dress

a red rose

a parting platform

a blue box

a green compartment

a quiet coffee shop

a round table

a soft chair

it’s in the infinite nature

vast grasslands

galloping horses

flocks of sheep

overlapping mountains

winding roads and rivers

it’s in a calm lake

a pink lotus

a silver ripple

it’s in the forest of dream

thousands of peach blossoms

thousands of viridescent



A good day

The sun and moon


time stacked up like a tome

a tall wall

a steep slope

in the days consitituted


have is a beautiful verb

the main theme of the day

having loved, cared, fought

chased, dreamed, sought

in days ordinary that we have

ordinary like pacing

in a garden of leisure

or bottles of

oil, salt, sauce and vinegar

or poetry

the same day has been colorful

enriched by mutilcolored ways

of experience

of a good day.



I love springtime

because everything

is reviving


vibrancy of

thousands of colors


a new beginning


a symbol of vigor


the dawn of dreams

walking in the field

of vivacity

the scent of revitalization

is intoxicating


i am ready






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