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Cute little calico cat

like the autumn breeze riding

through the small window actually

goes through the fence

pulls my thoughts

into the distance

a state of mind starts dimming

like a mist-locked dome of sun

the past former frenzy

once a wonderful time

still roaming today

in memory

little calico cat

whether you’re hiding in the sea-going promontory

or high in the faraway prairie

those bright charming eyes of yours

have already been inlaid in the center

of my heart’s garden.

Little world

At night

i take the daytime fatigue off

return to my little world

enjoy a bit of tranquility

a bit of comfort

the moon outside the window

in the cold wind

guarding that old tree

that won’t sprout

all naked in the icy cold


my warm world with bright lights

i am the ruler here

from the computer on the desk

to the pencils in the case

a bed to serve at any time

a cup of hot tea

soaking yellowing years

my world

no right or wrong

no gains no losses

i relax the nerves all over my body

teleport to some ancient times quickly

outside it starts to solidify

colors fade away with the clicking sound of the clock

the pupils still flashing

this time of sleepiness

everything goes to silence

my world

now in snuggly tenebrosity

still the beauty.


What a nice morning

mellowed birdsong

fresh hymn out of the city

gardenia in the yard

dedicated to hardworking bees

under sacred bridge

water flows smoothly

no turbidity

there are colored fishes

spitting happy bubbles

not far from the pond

duckweed all in green

vast stretches of love

of early summer

presented to the earth

rambling in the morning

grass on embankment

intertwined with insects whispers


emptied all secrets

where i stop

where fruits fall

into world of dew.



Any season is desirable

because time

and time will lose its indifferent side

it will serve its rich sweetness

in mature and brilliant summer days

brew the scent and fragrance

warm, pure and transparent

discard all timid concerns

as i could imagine

a season with a girl

a flat golden field

fine sunlight scatters

on the romantic branches and leaves

of a ginkgo tree

in the summer

i just want to go with you

once again on an idle outing.


Paper plane

I put the paper plane

in a poem

previously it wasn’t like this

it would fly to the sky

i would fold it seriously

i had to think hard about the name

Fantasy? Fighting? Glory?

i had to write it on its wing

it would fly around the classroom

i’d wonder swiftly

where will it land

on the desk, the podium, the grass…

it would then fly again

from another person’s hand

it’s been there for a long time

in solitude where nobody pays attention

i pick it up

i think about it

i write Memory on its wing

and place it cozily

in a poem.


Morning at the window

Push out the casement

sky slightly bright

land is quiet

the wind blows

carrying thoughts of spring

morning glory

holding morning dew

insects hinding

in maiden grass

i listen so carefully

fascinated by the grass nodding

with ancient softness

how fortunate

all that’s surviving

tiny perceptions

still there

breathing deeply.


Sitting next to you

just like this

looking at the colorful sunset


feeling the wind blow


smelling the fragrance of

swaying grass and flowers

letting sweetness disperse

in the air

holding your hand silently

just like this

silece becomes the incarnation of beauty

looking at the clouds

come and go

how many days and nights

has it been

you bloom like a lotus

in my heart

looking at you silently

just like this

love is always hidden

in my heart

i don’t need to say

any extra word

we let time stay

this moment

there’s always happiness overflowing

in my heart

just because you smile

cheerfully in front of me

the most beautiful scenery

in the garden

we are moved by the twilight

because you’re in my world

we are happy

because we believe in love

every encounter

is just like

the first.


Got nothing to do

so i lie down

and think of you

and i see you

see you lying down too

some words scattered around you

i try to teach them some rules

arrange them line by line

thus they become poetry

i think this belongs to you

because those words were by your side

now i see you lying down

now in poetry.


A plate of bright-colored

stir-fried vegetables

to disperse the desolation

of winter

to render a touch of vitality

to comfort the earth

boiled yuba

exudes an alluring atmosphere

and wraps this sunset hut

in warm flavor

a bowl of delicious soup

made from raw herbs and dried mushrooms

is a feedback of ingenuity of the soul

streetlight installing

an expanse of starry sky

in the village

and folks are enjoying

the taste of simplicity

and conscientious bliss.


Standing on a street

criss-crossed with neon

flashing like stars

from afar

shining on the ground

her colorful figure

red orange yellow green … purple

changes at will

as the music in the coffee shop

red is both warm and aloof

orange a little bit cheerful

yellow dignified and elegant

green quiet and fresh

cyan youthful and pure

blue melancholy and sad

purple dreamy and mysterious

her figure is even more

charming and enchanting

sometimes a budding flower

sometimes a halo

on the head of an angel

sometimes a long train of

pearls in the dark

a flowering tree

bright and eye-catching

her body underwater

like stars singing

in the splendor of the sky

i walk slowly


can’t bear to leave

probably this is the life

a dream

cannot finish.

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