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Your name

It has a kind of magic

that catches my eyes

because this is your name

just like a beautiful dream

it gives off a sweet bouquet

a kind of intoxication

that makes me close my eyes

when i open my eyes

i vaguely see

your long flowing hair

i hear

your cheerful laughter

your name is just so





A walk on the beach

Nightfall is quiet

breeze is light

the vast sky stained with blue and gray

peace is far-reaching

not much clouds

nor stars

i look up and count

only three

and also a flying aircraft

crossing the sky

passing those stars

ocean is calm

just a ripplet in sight

distant high-rise neon

reflected on the water

phantom of the ocean

billows in the wind

padestrians on the coast


no babel of the day

sound waves seem to be

shrouded in duskiness.





A touch of green

ornaments the living environment

a good book

enriches the soul

the wind on the road

tranquilizes life


nurtures the simple customs


dignifies the society


is the refraction of the inner heart

is a scenery

creating a good spiritual ecology

broadens our life


beautifies the mood

positive motivation

forges a sunshiny

state of mind.


A pool of clear water

comes from the heavenly raindrops

from mysterious trickles

a pool of clear water

a mirror embedded amid mountains

has become the home of hills



the advocacy of nature

lauded by many

a pool of clear water

a godsend

of health.


Thousands of green silk

whisking the water surface

a fish is awakened

swims next to the willow trees

sniffing the breath of summer

the wind suddenly blows

the fish startled

swimming to and fro

as if playing with the willow twigs

sharing the scenery

spending moments of beauty



You are magnimous and noble

strong and sturdy

life is evergreen

crystal clear

supplying jade nectar

for humanity

you are a shining golden shield

bearing a rosy dawn in your heart

your fluttering dress

is always

a symbol of peace

and goodness.


People say you’re a bundle of bright flying arrows

I say you’re the golden body of a combination of multicolored light

selflessly devoting the heat of zenith

for the growth and reproduction of all things

shining on the autumnal harvest of cultivators

sincerely painting the sky red

raising the golden scythe and sickle high

letting every ray of flame add

a miracle.

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