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The passage of time

Listen to the sound

of the passage of time

the flowering

the withering

the buzzing brook

the floating pieces of clouds

listen to the sound of the passage of time

the sunrise

the sunset

the rain

the wind

the sickle moon

listen to the sound of the passage of time

the alteration of seasons

the curls of smoke

the swallows flying by

the melodious songs

listen to the sound of the passage of time

the lightning

the thunder

the bright neon lights

the stars of the night

listen to the sound of the passage of time

the crying

the smiling

the babbling

the faltering

listen to the sound of the passage of time

the busy work

the leisure stroll

the leaving

the meeting

listen to the sound of the passage of time

the hug

the distant trip

the homecoming

listen to the sound of the passage of time

the past the you can’t hold onto

the string of heavy heavy memories

listen to the sound of the passage of time

the traffic

the sea of people

the yesterday

listen to the sound of the passage of time

the brewing of a pot of tea

the humming of a song

the naturalness

the easiness

the comfortableness.



An ancient legend


like softness of newborn

intertwined with the sun

scattered around the world


you’re the traveling cloud waves

berthed in the morning

teasing the idle water

twirling star speckles

embellishing new sprung buds

branches and leaves

on the brink of time


you’re the flying love

the glowing blazing laudation


the diffusion of profound




In the morning

Early in the morning

i open a window

let the bright charming sunshine in

fresh new air gets into my nose

pacifies my body and mind

trivial things that brothered me


i walk on green grass

beneath the radiance of the holy sun

i walk and walk slowly

vastness of the forest is hard for us to imagine

neither can we understand the fun in the sky

looking up

watching ther carefree birds fly

clouds in the sky chasing each other

everything looks harmonious

just like a painting

a harmonious painting.




Summer wind


the wind blows

over the restlessness of the heart

sunlight spilling down like fire

the hot earth

is the passionate word

of summer

standing on the top of a hill

overlooking the surrounding wilderness

chasing a thread of breeze

calming the inner heat

the change of summer into autumn

the tacit knowledge of time and season

greetings of wind

is the unchanging footsteps

of the messenger.

Beautiful dawn


lightens the apathy of starlight

a touch of crimson

plastering the sky with the charm

of dayspring

a kind of simple idea

written in the idyllic wilderness

incorporated with birdsong and balm

the nature thus has a poetic artistic meaning

a new day

quietly actuates warmth

even though the early sunshine is not bright enough

but it is definitely

full of hope

sunrise is beautiful

beautiful beyond words

like a dainty bonne bouche

morning light

adds colors to vision

makes people glow with vigor

in the beauty of time.


The gift of love

The swaying reeds are you

floating in the quiet of my heart

i want to take a handful

and watch the dusk

the pigeon whistle in the sky is you

the sound quality that causes the autumn to ripple

in the clouds

in the fog

and the heart to be joyous

the rain on the eaves is you

splashes of water droplets scattered

the dynamic aesthetics

adding a trace of magic to the dullness

the strange wildflowers are you

no aromatic fragrance

just an unpretentious attitude

loving you

no other choice.


Lotus leaf

Big lotus leaves

a handful of green colored umbrellas

unfurled invertedly in the water

become treasure salvers

catching morning dew

and raindrops

when the wind blows

they move their bodies

a steady stream of jewelry

comes rolling down into the pond

and the pond becomes

a holy place of fortune

giant lotus leaves

a safe haven for

fish, frogs, ducks, dragonflies

a shelter from the storm and sun

big-hearted lotus leaves

warm and welcoming

honest and noble

adored by everyone

you are undoubtedly

the most suitable

local ambassador.


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