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Bowl of cherries


next to an ancient road

that’s the

aroma of your hair

reminds me of

the one who likes ice-cream

a face blushing

red as cherry

a little wish

i cling to

i want to meet you


beautiful memories of autumn

when i saw you at school

eyeful of mystery

you attracted me

into friendship

beautiful memories

when i saw you last

your eyes calm me down

as i lean back

on my school bag.






Eyes closed

sound of

the Himalayas

gurgling stream

beneath the night


shining in the sky

interlaced with time

and latitude

the expansion

of infinite space

a lonely soul

swims in


during the day


of crowds

from north to south

the whirling world

after sex with a

random girl

this lost heart

is vast.






Depth of autumn

Cicada’s dream



the rain intoxicating

the fruity winds

a song so maudlin

a season of


monotonous loneliness

windows open

memory no longer

crazily growing

flow of water

from the fingertips


locked door

is a forbidden language

unable to interpret

golden tide

of meandering wilderness

rises and falls

comes and goes


of the geese


red flying leaves

stain the hillside

in most beautiful moments

of sunset

in the reeds

across the river

a few waterfowl

standing around

remnants of dusk

but the one

from childhood

has flown


far away.

Write a poem


without a sound

and word

every scenery

passes by

not necessarily


the key is

immerse yourself

in every minute

watch quietly

write what you think

into a poem

change things into


let them fly wherever

you want them

to go.


You are

the fog that slowly

boards the ship

the words from

some Arctic station

vapors from the stream

a curtain of freshness

a deliberate garden

a prairie drifting

in the air

threads of temptation

unpredictable pattern

like that figure

in the distance

you are

a poet’s thinking bird

surrounded by

human emotions

and dreams.


Open mind


i sit at my desk

write down the draft of an idea

with a pen

words come together

in the soul

express my sincerity

write it out not just to show it

gently i

stretch my mind

engrave my heart with a message

of springtime

the word is alive

the work is the perfect embodiment

it lets life continue

create many tales and legends

and revive a spendid culture


persistence is best practice

the pen and ink will naturally release


transcendence of life

comes from a constant faith

just at the moment

when thoughts are open.

Wheat field

Holding memories firm

in the left hand

standing with me

the warm wheat field

on the remote wild green edge

crowd of rain clouds

with a hot sun painted

in the heart

line of hope

cuts a trembling arm

mutter of pigeons

scattered around the wheat field


teaches me to respect

and sing

for the growers.


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