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Floating leaves

Another autumn,

leaves dyeing a layer of colorful,


wind blowing,

leaves floating,

rain rain,


Random thoughts

I know deeply,

that a leaf wants to stay green,

to not fall,

to stay on the branch,

a little longer,

i understand deeply,

that a grass,



Picking up a fallen leaf,

taking a closer look,


a wizened leaf,

swollen veins on the back,

no color gold,

no glory,

just a caesious face,

once bountiful and bright,

dark green leaves shining hope,

a fierce debate in the storm,

cool and comfortable under the sun,

now drifting,

under the cold current,

like an old busker,

body curled up,

living on the streets,

shivering and crooning lightly,

a leaf no one understands,

a perplexed state of mind.






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