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Old country pub

A small town tavern

people with

frustration, contrition, melancholy

they sit nightly

at the bar

let everything

be palliated

in the country pub they

take a breather

exchange secrets

relax their souls

in old

country pub

he hides when he is down

he won’t play pool

he sits in a dark corner

bottles on the table

alcohol he’s downed

he slowly smokes a cig

watches some tv

listens to old music

thinks in solitude in

old country pub

a boring place

bland yet abundant

a feeling of peace

a place to pause

and rest

old country pub

for people who’ve cried

for life

for love

for people who are afraid

of the future

for people who remember too much

the past

old country pub

he left the old country pub

he went back in

he has his cigarette stubbed out

he lights up another



Sunlight slips away from the chair

ushers in a twilight

and loneliness

the birds and rabbits hurry home

cats and dogs return to their owners


birds fly to the coffee table

and peck some leftover seeds

rabbits jump into the bushes in the garden

and taste the fresh grass

cats and dogs are back

to their home

sweet home.





The clock on the wall


in a small space

a coat in the wardrobe

in a room


the clock awaiting


the room awaiting

its owner

the coat awaiting

bright light

the desk provoked dust

the photo hidden beneath

a layer of glass

quietly narrating

the passage of time

the mischievous wind sneaks in

throught the window


roomful of gray crystal

to fly.


The sunshine,

confluent wilderness,

in the tree of time,

a bird pecking at fantasy,

a timeworn imagery,


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