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break into


push that door open

years of deposited dust

invades the nose

inhaled into the lungs

the resulting cough

causes more particles

to swirl

to twirl

in front of the window

why can’t i get out

even if the doors and windows open wide

even if the roof leaks

even if the limbs are free

but i

just can’t get out

in the morning light

i see you through

the dewdrop

carrying hope

a sacred glow

a pure sunrise

that is all





Bird in a dream

The bird in a dream

unfolds beautiful wings

flies in boundless skies

through patches of wilderness

feeling all kinds of colors

of the world

the dream of you

beautiful as ever

in flashing melody

you dance wonderfully

ordinary me

still dreaming.

A silent night

The chime of bell carries



the night sky be woken up

layers of snow


reveling children raising

a bouquet of bright light

sharing the stars

white moonlight

golden blessings

there’s no race

no barriers


the world is shrouded in clear crystal

farawayness is not a distance


Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

Happy New Year.

Some thoughts on life

A big towering tree on the mountaintop,

it has slowly grown up,

it seems to be still a young tree,

yet it contains a trace of vigorous hope.

A soaring eagle in the wide blue sky,

feathers and wings growing increasingly strong,

and it seems to be still a young eagle,

yet it is bursting through the clouds,

with passionate madness.

Grass on the roadside,

breaking through the soil quietly,

it seems to be a little scared,

yet the feeling is mixed with,

an indomitable force.

Confronting steel

Confronting steel,
confronting a kind of divinity,
the ore under the feet,
flourishing in the eyes,
a great many steel flowers,
generations of,
withering and blooming flowers of steel,
it is a pattern,
a persistent and untiring hope,
and this hope,
collated with the future,
an abiding faith,
just like before,
confronting steel,
is like,
confronting a kind of divinity.


Grand vast ocean,

adorned with sporadic grief,

a sunset without the pyramids,

without the warriors of Babylon,

a torso exuding adventures,

the Vikings’ appetence,

the glory of Atlantis,

buried here.

It was a stunning dazzling place,

now a paradise of fantasies,

in amongst the millions is my thought,

looking out the window,

i fantasize,

fretful rings of birds,

sitting next to me,

through the deep and dark Atlantic,

i see a heart still beating,

that is Atlantis thinking,


their former glory,

i hear their cries,

this is not our world,

i hear the sound of their counghing up blood,

cursing and bedamning,

hoots and toots,

the wind on the stringless harp,

playing the Nocturne,

blowing open the ruined ocean,

i see the sunken golden wheel,

their king,

helplessly watching the sky,

their cemetery,

the historical past,

all disapeared,

the collapsed hope,

growing in fulmination,

they are looking at the present world with disdain,

as with our brilliant,

glorious civilization.


Heaven and earth nurturing,

unceasing sources and origins,

Yin and Yang combine into a long-lasting return,

spoken with bizarre twists and turns,

unfolding a hope for the better,

praising the great nobility,

contemning the hideous terror,

reputation and quality,

power and money,

the main theme of life,

strange ideas and wonderful layout,

reflecting the winner’s addiction to greed,

letting out emotions,

dredging up sediment,

he and she,

iterating endlessly,

on earth.

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