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Snow blooming

the world caked with honey

Christmas filled with auspiciousness

brightness of fireworks

is the beginning of happiness

shine of stars

is the comsummation of dreams

the ring of bells

is the outpout of




natural beauty

a visual comfort and warmth

a symbol of environmental peace

and vitality

pine and holly

are the sincerest friends of green

still gorgeous

this season


the eternal theme of the earth

immortal angel of the soul.


Santa Claus,

shouldering the mission of love,

walking in the direction of the floating winter snow,

he’s traveled everywhere,

issueing big red packages,

the holy soul of the moon,

wandering in the wintertime,

blessings of love,

bringing joy and good fortune,



The winds are,

crayons of different temperatures,


colorful drawings of the seasons,

spring is the germination of emerald green,

summer is a willow-shrouded coast,

autumn is the fall of many colors,

and winter is the graceful dance of snow.

Pine tree

Statuelike body,

standing in the cycle of seasons,

fighting the storm and sand,

tussling with the bitter cold,

years and the eolian dust,

can’t erase,

the glorious footsteps,



Sky-blue longings,

sky-blue wait,

the mast of dream,

of hopes and expectations,


a new day,


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