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Ancient castle

History walked
into the ancient castle
the past glory became
a monument
and shame carved
into the ionic column
in a land at the feet of
a king
next to an ocean stamped by
carriages have become
antique toys
the journeying sails
about ancient thoughts.

Lost Civilizations

Disappeared ancient centuries,

with the color of magic,

ruins under the cliff,

buried in history.

The lost civilization,

continuation of thousands of years of,


the glory of the Roman expansion sunk,

in time.



You turn the history into dunes,

letting archaeologists find your shadows,

on the veins on the canopic jars,

you turn the earth into beautiful mountains,

humans of all colors,

a variety of languages,

narrating their homelands,

you turn the wounds of hatred into scars,

letting the wind of the four seasons,

smooth them away.

You are,

turning everything visible into invisible,

everything unseeable into seeable,

along the trail,

digging up the memories of yesterday.

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