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Sun shining directly at skylight

stirring the direction of sleeping particles

swinging green colored oxygen

dynamic wind moving light waves

migrating images

magnetic fragrance diffuses in the room



methodically bright and clear

the picture is unimaginable

shades of green whisper

elaborating the scenery

of nature.



Beautiful blue planet

the home we live in

protected by the power

of the atmosphere

the pervasion of sunlight

throughout the seasons

new buds breaking through the fertile soil

accepting the baptism of fresh air

this is the inspiration of life

the production of miracles

this is our home

we need to protect it

protect the nature

the harmony

this is our home

the shore of happiness

where we belong.

Where is happiness

Where is happiness

it’s in the soft sun of spring

it’s in the dancing shadow of the moon

it’s in the affectionate lingering rain

where is happiness

it’s in a momentary encounter

it’s in the laughter over lemonade

it’s in the warmth of hometown

where is happiness

it’s in our hearts

it’s in every corner

it’s in the gratitude

for all things

happiness is in



I think

It has everything to do

With you

You come from profoundness, vastness

Let me

Use the simplest language

To reveal the meaning in this

You are

A flower, a dream

A nebula, a sea

Computer-like programming

always conjures up a brilliant starry sky

You are subtle, gentle

You give rise to enthusiasm

You give softness to springtime

You make the night quiver

You are

Like a quiet floaty swallow

Flies through the drizzle

Outside the window

You turn around like time

Making the tide of thoughts

Evermore avant garde and high

Breaking the gossamer trammels

You are no longer a dubious converse

Just right

You are like

A splendid smile

Right before my eyes.






in that distant

river of stars

every dream is


into bright light



flickering in the sky


into a fluorescent freshet

in the stellar sward

endless hope







Beautiful love

I love the fields

arable green waves

scenery full of vigor

ocean of flowers

always make me feel infinitely

at ease

I love the mountain

love its strength

its mighty image

i can’t stop admiring

i love the river

a voice so soft and lucid won’t lie

a sound that refreshes and purifies

i love the skies

the flying clouds

the brilliant sun that warms the atria

the evermore affectionate silver moon

diamond-like stars that add to dreams

i long for love

you play and i sing

sharing views and values

from the same seasonal







I would rather choose to be alone

free and happy

sitting by the river

watching it flow quietly

watching it take away

all troubles

listening to the wind in the forest

the strong sonorous wind is like a rock song

the lingering breeze like a sweet love song

if there’s no wind

the sound of birds tweeting

is a cheerful nursery rhyme

lying on the grass

in warm sunshine

sometimes there’s a mischievous ant

that climbs onto my hand

let it be

as long as it doesn’t bite me

we are equally happy.




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